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This little crazy chick ROCKS! 

Crazy Chick Girl

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Why Santa Went to Jail

Maybe I wasn’t the best aunt … ’cause I used to

sing this song to my nieces and nephews.

Click on the video and SING the post out loud

after 5 seconds (Trust me :) ) Read more of this post

Lies, lies, lies …

The best and the smartest have been victims of duplicity.

There are real good liars out there …

and there are some real good believers of lies.

It happens to the BEST and to the WORST of us.

Here are some example of how to detect when someone is “Pinocchionizing” you: Read more of this post

I Touch Myself

Ever had an out-of-body experience when you feel the bliss of solitude in a room full of people?

I was standing in line at the post office yesterday and out of boredom I started singing this song. Read more of this post

Best Revenge Songs by Women

There’s no such thing as turning the other cheek when someone’s done you wrong. Sweet revenge is orgasmic. Read more of this post


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