Single and Hating It?

Most of my friends are divorced and jaded. I’ve never had the opportunity to be jaded, but I’ve dated a lot of minzer males who made me realize that “manhood” has nothing to do with age.
I don’t hate being single; I hate being bored. So, to cure the affliction of boredom I joined a Meetup group in my area for you guessed it singles! And you know what? I was not only bored, but aghast at the “meat market” bar I went to for the meet up.
So, there I was in my best going out outfit trying hard not to look like I was trying too hard. I smiled and I mingle. The bar was crowded and I felt extra dorky with the name tag stuck on my chest as I walked around with a lemon drop in one hand. And what was I thinking about ordering a lemon drop? I didn’t need the extra sugar since I had two cupcakes for dessert before trekking it out on the town.
I met this middle-aged guy, twice divorced with two kids. I don’t mind the divorce or the kids, I did mind his rant about his ex-wife, which made me realize that this divorced male had become a misogynist. I wanted to tell him that maybe he should try a different sex, but if he got burned in that relationship he might end up a misanthrope.
So, I made eye contact with the next single male who didn’t have anybody to talk to. And guess what? He wasn’t a misogynist, but a mama’s boy. Oh how he loved his mother. All he talked about was how his mother was the greatest woman he knows and etc. Blech….I wanted to gag myself with a ladle. I’m not discounting the influence of good mothers out there, but there is something wrong when a man talks about his mommy incessantly in a singles meet up.
I moved on to a guy without a name tag. He wasn’t with the group. His name was Nathan. He was pleasantly attractive; he liked Ingmar Bergman films and The Rolling Stones. Sensitive, smart and he likes the Stones yay I thought. Then his “friend” Jason shows up, gives me a territorial look and I knew it was time for my exit. Three strikes and I was outie. I should have gone to the movies with my friend instead. It isn’t so impossible to find my soul mate in the darkness of a movie theater … it could happen … hasn’t happened yet, but it could.

Optimistically yours,


© 2011 Lafemmeroar

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3 Responses to Single and Hating It?

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  2. DewNestry says:

    Well, at least you still have your friends, I suppose?

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