Chaka Khan Woman of the Week

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I remember the days of Aqua Net, short skirts, and clubbing until 3am. It was a time when thoughts about the future were just a footnote in my to-do list. And when “Ain’t Nobody” by Rufus & Chaka Khan played I was out there shaking my ass. I was in the mode. I felt elevated. Music has a way of taking you to a different universe. Good times.

So, when I found out that Chaka Khan will be receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today I dug into my closet.  And there it was old Rufus tapes and Chaka herself inside in a shoe box. I grabbed my little pink boom box, blew out the dust and popped in “Tell Me Something Good.” I popped in another and there was “I Feel for You” and another and an old romantic favorite crooned “Through the Fire.”

Chaka Khan has won numerous BET, Soul Train, and American Music awards, and she founded the Chaka Khan Foundation with a mission to help women and at risk youths. She’s survived, drug abuse, alcoholism, weight gain and career ups and downs.  She’s my Woman of the Week because she’s still doing what she loves. What an inspiration to us all to see her still in the mode and at the top of her game.

When I listened to “I’m Every Woman” today it made me feel more of an individual and yet even more connected. Today I am every woman in my experiences and it’s all in me. I am with you ladies. We are all in this together. And for you men out there looking for the “one,” once you find her, your gaze will forever be just for her because in your eyes she will be your every woman.


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6 Responses to Chaka Khan Woman of the Week

  1. Yes, yes. Give it up for Ms. Chaka. I certainly could write “Why It Matters” stories about “I Feel For You,” “Tell Me Something Good,” or simply staring at her album covers. One can’t love the funk and not love Chaka.

  2. The T says:

    I love Chaka singing “stay”….it inspired Erika Badu to sing it as well and her version is also amazing…

    Fun, funky, and very tied to the rhythms….that’s me….


  3. The T says:

    You’re talking about the language of love my girl…oh yea…the real stuff between a woman and a man…tomorrow you’ll read something intimate…


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