Tracey Ullman Woman of the Week

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“The Simpsons” started with her. She made a music video with Paul McCartney and she’s been making us laugh for over two decades. Yes, it’s Tracey Ullman, the funny woman from England who became an American citizen in 2005. Who can forget the characters she created in “The Tracey Ullman Show.” From the perky 14-year-old Francesca McDowell to the meek and rather tragic Kay Clark, these characters remind me of what I watched in my youth, what made me laugh and what made me look forward to on Sunday nights.  I always felt a twinge of sadness at the end of every show when she said “Go Home … Go Home.”

With numerous movies, television appearances and her fabulous character-based series on HBO and Showtime, Tracey Ullman is my woman of the week because her talent has brought so much happiness to me and to her millions of  fans.

Here’s some vintage Tracey …

Now go home … go home,


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2 Responses to Tracey Ullman Woman of the Week

  1. Yes, I always liked Tracey Ullman. One of my favorite shows in England during the early eighties was ‘Three of a Kind’ in which she co-starred with Lenny Henry and David Copperfield. Nice to see she was your woman of the week!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Hi Camio,

      Wow I’m so glad that you found this post. I love Tracey Ullman. I did Woman of the Week the first few weeks of my blog, and I’m glad I included her in the short lived blog feature. Tracey is such a multi-talented artist. I heard of her show, but I’ve never seen an episode. I’ll have to try and hunt it down online. I’ve seen Lenny Henry in a few movies. Thanks for stopping by and hope to run into you again 🙂

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