How You Feelin’ Today?

The week is almost over. Aren’t you glad it isn’t Monday? Tell me how you really feel …

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43 Responses to How You Feelin’ Today?

  1. I see I am not the only person who feel happy and hostile at the same time. I love the weekend and look forward to it always. That is the time that I see my husband more, lol. Weekdays don’t count. Weekend I have him all to myself and he can’t run away. Hostile because my toe is broken and I can’t walk to long. On the weekend we always go hiking or visiting another city to walk around if not taking photos. I am so out of commission for a few weeks, this so sucks.

    • Hey how rude, I answer but never ask how do you feel. So how do you feel:)?

      • Lafemmeroar says:

        Thanks for asking I am feeling optimistic because I plan to do more rewrites on my book this weekend. So, wish me luck. Saturday … dinner and drinks with a friend perhaps.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I jammed my fourth toe once. I was able to walk on it, but it hurt for a long time. Well … the horizontal mambo is always a good work out 🙂

      • Ya, it is a good work out when you have a willing partner not trying to crawl up the wall screaming bloody murder, lol. I wish you luck and when it is time to publish I wish you success! Enjoy dinners and drinks with friends. (I don’t know why after I read that line I thought about their bathrooms…obsessions I tell you. Thank goodness it goes that far, lol).

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          It will be at a restaurant so no medicine chests to open. 🙂 But I do like to look at the shoes peeking at the bottom of the stall. Isn’t that weird?

  2. beider says:

    Next Monday is a holiday here in Germany, wooo!

    Now I just made Pizza and brownies. And I also got beer, so feeling pretty damn good 🙂

    Finishing up making this ice cream brownie thingy later tonight, it looks delicious.

    (It’s in Norwegian but lots of pictures)

    The brownies that are used in them also look awesome,

    I ❤ Fridays

  3. I am out of the option to reply, go figure. I chat too much sometime. Please excuse me. All I wanted to say naw it is nothing weird about it. I do that too if the mirror is in front of the stall, lol. But be careful again, lol, you might see something that you might not expect, LOL, more than one pair.

  4. Beider may I ask what part of Germany do you live in? I have a few friends that live there. Next week is the week of Phingston, not for sure if I spell it right. But it is a day that most people get three days off dealing with Jesus getting resurrected from the grave or something like that. I just know three weeks off of work and a lot of festivals during that timing.

    • beider says:

      Three days off? Damn I want that, I only get Monday off!

      I live in Berlin, but I’m not German. I’m originally from Norway, but Berlin is just such an awesome city that I will probably never move back to Norway ^^

      • Too cool. I have a friend that recently moved to Berlin in the Falkensee area matter of fact. I can’t wait to visit her and her family and check it out. But hey Norway sound cool too. Heck any place away from home and photo worthy sounds cool to me anytime:)

      • beider says:

        Berlin is awesome, it’s the best city I have ever been to. And I’ve been around 😛

        No matter what you are into there are communities for it here in Berlin, each city section attracts it’s own crowd (particularly in the evening) so there are always lots of great places of the type you like in the same area.

        There is also the possibility to do pretty much anything you want during the day as well, from skydiving to knitting. Whatever floats your boat.

        Oslo on the other hand, I would not recommend. Booooring city, got like 50 popular bars/clubs and most of them aren’t that good. Also it is very expensive and very limited what you can do there during the day as well,

        If you do ever visit Norway you should go up the west coast through all the fjords. That is the second best feature Norway has,

        The best one is the northern lights,

  5. Thank you very much. I just bookmark the links. One last question if I ever get a chance to go to Norway do they speak German. I have a funny feeling you might say Norweigen but I don’t know what a Norweigen sound like.

    • beider says:

      They do not speak German, they speak Norwegian.

      But most Norwegians under the age of 65 are relatively good in English. We all learn English in school for about 10 years and since we don’t dub stuff on TV most Norwegians manage to maintain a basic level of English. Communicating should be no problem for you.

      • Okay thanks, than I don’t have to pull out my butcher Deutsch when speaking.
        this is too cool. Thank you so much for sharing by the way. I am going to blame your blog for fattening up my eyes. You have a lot of great goodies over there. I plan to check by later to ask you some questions. Currently I am in the middle of chatting and writing at the same time. Sometimes I wish i had arms like an octopus and others times I say naw, after I have nothing left to do I probably slap myself silly out of boredom one arm at a time. Thank you very much for sharing Beider and thank you Lafemmeroar.

      • beider says:

        The blog with the brownies is not mine by the way, I forgot to mention that.

        My blog is about something completely different than pastries, here is a link to my blog and what I write about.

  6. Ohhhh Beider your a bad little girl, lol, I just click on the link. Definitively I will check it out later.

  7. I love Fridays, my favorite day of the week since the whole weekend is ahead! How are you feeling? Any hot dates? 🙂 he he
    I am still dying to know where you live so I can set you up. I’ve got 3 marriages, 4 long term relationships, and 2 in the works as we speak. Maybe I should be a professional matchmaker. Give me a call!!! Seriously! 🙂

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      For now I am anonymous. You persistent woman you. I am in California though 🙂 I’m feeling optimistic as I plan to do more rewrites on my book. I started this blog because I was having trouble with the book and now I’m totally addicted to blogging. I just passed my one month mark and I’m pretty happy with the results. The CCC is great because other bloggers are connecting. And I’m loving the posts because it doesn’t take me long to do (unlike other aspects of my writing). Comments and replies are the best because they take a life of their own … you never know what’s going to happen.

      BTW, have you ever seen the movie “Crossing Delancey” with Amy Irving? You remind me of the matchmaker in that movie only you’re waaaaaaay, waaaaaaay, waaaaaaay more attractive 🙂

      • You are too funny. I haven’t seen that movie, but going to rent it now. You are the second person to tell me about it, I have to see it now 🙂
        Thank you for the compliment. Takes a lot to look good 🙂

        Wish I was 100% attracted to girls, I think in a way it would make things a lot easier. And in other ways, harder. It sounds like you are having a great time being single. What is your book about? Can’t wait to read it!!!!!!

        I have been procrastinating on my book. Don’t really know where or how to start.
        Keep us all posted!!!!

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          Oh it’s a wonderful movie. I think I owned the video tape years ago. I have it in my stash somewhere It’s soooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!! You will love it; I guarantee.Oh, I used to say I wished I were attracted to girls only ’cause we’d have so much more to talk about like the free gifts with purchase at the Estee Lauder section or what’s on sale at Banana Republic or Nordstrom’s, but I’ve been watching “The Real L Word” on cable and those chicks are a big mess. Love/lust/relationships are the same with any combination of the genders . .. DRAMARAMA!

  8. supernaut says:

    “Meh” was nowhere in the list..

  9. Yes, that’s true. All relationships are complicated. Will go rent that movie. My big and exciting friday night: work at the kids school fundraiser, go home, put kids to bed, watch a chick flick! Yea 🙂

  10. hollyjb says:

    I’m happy b/c it’s the weekend and I get the day totally off tomorrow! The kids are going to the grandparents and the adults are going to a wedding. I’m also really tired (just watched 3 episodes of Heroes) and still need to write my blog before I got to bed.

    Have a good weekend!

  11. hollyjb says:

    Oh yeah, I’m always in la la land, so nothing special there!

  12. Bleau says:

    Tired, Wired and Fired up about the future. No great weekend plans but lots of hope I will rest, calm down and achieve some good things 🙂 Happy Weekend LFR and everyone

  13. Shonnie says:

    I wasn’t really hostile .. but it sounded fun. I have mostly been in pain. I am finished with my tile job, so the pain causing stuff is OVER! Yea! so actually I am elated! 😀 Dizzy almost drunk feeling! Which is nice since I can’t drink — for now. 🙂

  14. eva626 says:

    i have to study but i feel bored…so im trying to feel entertained and nothing is coming on tv…boo

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