I love the bad boys …

He makes you feel squishy and gooey in all the right places. He’s tough, he’s dangerous and he’s hot. Bad boys make our blood boil and quiver our delicate loins. We know they’re not good for us, but why do we find them so damn irresistible?

He wasn’t very tall and he had funny looking ears, but the way Clark Gable swept Vivien Leigh up those stairs in “Gone with the Wind” makes my heart go pitter patter and other lady parts as well. 

His sneer and leather made me salivate for his “Rebel Yell.” As one of the first MTV superstars, Billy Idol rocked my lust with songs like “White Wedding” and “Eyes Without a Face,” but this video will always be my favorite. 

Before “The Godfather” he was “The Wild One.” Forget that he looked more like Jabba the Hutt in his later years and relish this video of Marlon Brando at the height of his godlike charms as Stanley Kowalski in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” He looks so hot in a dirty shirt and even hotter out of it. 

He’s so bad that he warrants two video clips in this post. He made a sex tape, went to rehab, and he plays the field (we’re not talking soccer). But he also likes older women. See this first video as Collin Farrell admits to propositioning his 70-year-old co-star for some who cares no-string tumble.

Colin Farrell can act, but can he ever change his bad boy ways? It boggles my mind how this bad boy ended up on “Sesame Street.” 

This super spy’s got the car, the gadgets and the deadly good looks. Women melt when they hear “Bond, James Bond.”  This bad boy in cinema, might always get the girl, but he never keeps them. There’s always a new beauty in his arms and in his bed. Who’s your favorite Bond?

I don’t want to want him, but I’m drawn to him. Throughout the years I’ve learned that I desired the bad boys because they’re so elusive and wild. They can’t be tamed, but a part of me yearns to crack the whip on them.  Have you ever been with a bad boy? Was it love or lust? What kind of “badness” did he do to you? Did you keep him or send him to the devil?

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25 Responses to I love the bad boys …

  1. beider says:

    Well I have never been with a bad boy, but I know a lot about the phenomenon because it is a common misconception among guys that women are attracted to bad boys because of their bad behaviour.

    Most women who are attracted to bad boys are attracted to the character traits that most bad boys posses, which are very attractive traits and even more attractive when a nice and mentally healthy guy possess them.

    These traits would be,

    – Confidence
    – I don’t care what others think attitude
    – Not afraid to escalate
    – Usually wild in bed (because of the don’t care about you attitude)
    – Good looks/style (Not all bad boys have this, but the ones that women drool after usually have it)

    There are a couple of others that I forgot in passing but these are the most important ones. Of course it is also a fact that most women like to have a project to work on, like re-forming the bad boy, also most women considers getting a man to change for them romantic. That is until he changes, then they complain that he is not as attractive and cool as he used to be… ack (Whipped husbands anyone? ^^)

    While this is not exactly what you asked for hopefully someone finds this useful. We have touched on the subject a few times of nice guys with bad boy traits in our own blog as well recently, this one comes to mind,


    • Lafemmeroar says:

      There is nothing more attractive than the reformed bad boy … I’ve been with a few so I can tell you from personal experience that I was in denial of their bad boy ways. While they can behave for a while, bad boys are resilient. I use the videos as examples because they represent the fantasy and the archetype. I’m not looking for any bad boys these days. I’m looking for a confident man who knows what he wants (hopefully me). Reformed bad boys are the most attractive and they don’t have to be whipped or “pussified” in the relationship. But there is a part of me that wants to whip the bad boy into submission … that’s probably the dominatrix in me 🙂

      • Alfonso L says:

        How about the reformed nice guy? The guy who used to be complying, weak, approval seeking and afraid of escalation. He who gets the horrible “you are so cute line” by all the women he meets. He does get how to be respectful with women, except he overdoes it, but give him the positive qualities of a bad boy Beider just mentioned, make him mysterious as hell and I believe you have a man that can outgame a bad boy.

        Also I wouldn’t call James Bond a bad boy since the guy don’t seem to manipulate women with lies nor I have seen a heartbroken woman in a James Bond films but I get why you can see him as a bad guy.

        Nice post btw 😉

      • gooddump says:

        Did I ever mention my felony? Just a little breaking an entry and a bit of interstate trafficking… But I haven’t seen the inside of a jail in years.

        Just sayin’

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          So you’re one of the reformed bad boys? Were you a bad boy in jail? 🙂

          • Max says:

            I can say now that I was a bad boy in jail. You can only keep your aggression and testosterone in check so long before it starts making you act up, especially since I was pretty young at the time around other bad boys like that. But reformed is the way to go!

            • Lafemmeroar says:

              Umm…. I have two camps of thought … but I think I need you to be more specific on what you mean by “bad” in jail.

              • Max says:

                Bad in jail? Mainly breaking jail rules, swearing and mouthing off to the COs, getting in fights, stuff like that. I got yelled at a lot for not doing chores the right way and also getting people riled up when it was quiet hours. Let’s just say I wasn’t let out early for good behavior.

      • gooddump says:

        Jail is one of the most boring places I have ever been — that includes corporate cube farms (although I have to admit, the two places are pretty similar). Not that I was ever in with the really rough crowd (jail or corporate).

        It’s no fun to be a bad boy when there aren’t any women around to impress with it anyhow. Posturing with other guys is either survival or just gay. Or both, I suppose.

        But I think you’re right that the true bad boy never gets over it — he just learns how to get away with.

  2. May I offer a man’s point of view? The bad boy thing for many woman is about self esteem. Many women go for the bad boy because he is a project. They believe that if they can “tame” the bad boy, and mold him, change him so that he is “redeemed”, then the bad boy will be forever grateful to her, and will love her forever. It is a self esteem thing, where the woman does not value herself enough to go after the good guy. It is a project that is never successful, so she moves on to the next one, suffering more and more along the way.

    I have seen it over and over again. It is pretty sad really. Sorry to be a downer, but truth is hard sometimes…


    • kiwikar says:

      That is indeed true for a lot of women. But somehow everyone is just talking about the bad boy-nice girl pairing. Ever thought what happens when a bad girl gets with a good guy? The exact same thing with the man as the victim. 😉

      • Yes I agree. We all know the man or woman who always seems to go out with the wrong guy or girl. Everyone around them sees it except them. Yet there they go again, trying to make someone something they are not. Then in the end, in a pile of tears, they seem to “get” it – until the next one.

        Bottom line – they are trying to solve a problem with a relationship that they have to solve within themselves.


    • beider says:

      I’ve been busy over the weekend so this reply might be a bit slow.

      Judging by what you are saying it sounds more like you are jealous of bad boys than anything else. It’s a typical attitude guys who aren’t great with girls tend to take when they see guys who are great with girls (in this case bad boys).

      Either he is tricking them, the girl isn’t good enough for you anyway (low self esteem, bitch, slut, take your pick) or both. The fact is that most guys who say this would jump straight on that “slutty low self esteem bitch” girl if she paid him any attention. And if she did she would no longer be any of the aforementioned things, she would be an awesome sexy and attractive girl.

      So let’s not put all girls in a category of low self esteem people who want a grateful reformed bad boy.

      As I mentioned above a lot of girls are attracted to bad boys simply because they have a lot of attractive traits. Such as confidence, indifference to what people think of them and balls enough to go for what they want (ie. escalate sexually).

      It doesn’t have to be low self esteem, for all you know some of these girls are only interested in having sex with the guy because she finds him attractive and amusing for the moment. And has no interest in a relationship because she knows what a self destructive asshole he is.

      • hmm….interesting take on the situation. I suppose there are plenty of men that are jealous of the bad boy.

        Having had only long monogamous relationships, and not being into the one night stand thing, I cannot relate. But yes I am sure that your opinion may be true of some men.

        In my case, I have had to see several female friends suffer after being astonished that the bad boys in their life were amazingly bad to them as well. If your thing is truly just a sex thing, and that is what floats your boat….have at it.

        Unfortunately, most women aren’t built that way, and they fall in love. It gets tiring to see women fall and fall again for men who are really just little boys, and can’t do right by their women.

        But hey, if that is your preference….

  3. Bleau says:

    Not into “bad boys” but the image is sexy. Still, into “real” men. Hard enough keeping myself in line and no rose coloured glasses here about being able to do it for anyone else lol. Confidence is good but what’s that other word… narcissism is a total turn off … conceit is never attractive in anybody. Lots of bad boys appear to live for the the chase, the challenge and then, like over-sweet ice-cream, melt away only to make it hard to step out of because of the sticky ‘gripshon’ under your shoes hahaha. Like bad women (yes, there are some out there lol), I find them best loved from a distance… lots of distance hahaha

  4. kiwikar says:

    Yes I am with a bad boy. Well sort of. He’s a musician and has that whole “Here I am, look at me!”-attitude and he definitely knows how to keep up with my ego. I don’t need to tame him and he doesn’t need to tame me. It just sort of fits. And also we can be a completely normal and sweet couple…if we want to.

    I am actually writing a blog about us :D.

  5. sayali611 says:

    I realised why I like bad boys only after I met this incredibly good guy. My friends are keen that I date this successful, scholarly, good looking, musically talented, teetotaler, humorous..perfect perfect guy who likes me. I have still kept it all in the ‘we are great friends’ zone and I’m still not able to take it forward. Reason? There is no thrill in it, like I had with my ‘bad boy’ ex. How I hate myself..

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Your comment is very interesting and very true. Your good guy sounds really nice. If you don’t want him, send him over my way … I might want to have a go 🙂

  6. gooddump says:

    Let’s make sure we don’t get too hung up on “bad boy” as a definition. If I like to carouse and solicit the attention of women, does that make me a “bad boy?” If I think that other people’s rules are stupid and optional, does that make me a “bad boy?”

    Let’s review Lafemmeroar’s list:

    – Confidence
    – I don’t care what others think attitude
    – Not afraid to escalate
    – Usually wild in bed (because of the don’t care about you attitude)
    – Good looks/style (Not all bad boys have this, but the ones that women drool after usually have it)

    Confidence doesn’t make for a “bad boy” but it doesn’t make me much of a team player, either. I can’t help if if I’m right and I’m surrounded by idiots. Which is why I don’t coddle people when they’re wrong — I can not care about what others think, but still care about people, sometimes the appearance of not caring is actually very caring — “I don’t care what you think, if you do that thing you’re going to die so I’m going to stop you.”

    Which brings me to the escalating and argument… I remember a client who owed me a serious amount of money telling me he wouldn’t pay until we did MORE work so he could make money to pay the first bit. As I angrily explained to him that I was not his partner and that he had to honor his contract, he told me I had an anger problem.

    “I don’t have an anger problem, Larry. I am legitimately pissed off that you’re trying to screw me.”

    That kind of frustration of being surrounded by idiots means I have a lot of pent up aggression I need to work off. So if I’m wild in bed it’s not because I don’t care about you, I’m just feeling wild. And passion doesn’t make a bad-boy, it just makes for a great night of sex.

    As for looks and style — being stylish is two sided: I don’t conform to standards of style, but I do like driving that luxury car, wearing nice clothes, and, I’m sorry, but I CAN tell the difference between Chandon and Veuve, and there is every reason to spend 50 bucks for the good stuff.

    None of this makes me a bad boy (the felony aside). It makes me a living, aware human being.

    So, maybe it’s just good to be bad…

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Love your comment

      hehe the list you’re referring to is beider’s (first comment). i thought I was experiencing a Twilight Zone moment ’cause I didn’t remember making a list.
      And I always love vibrant opposition/opinion or whatever … although I have to say that if you’re wild in bed because you have pent up aggression what happens if you’ve had a good day or have no pent up aggression? Does it make you a sad sack in the sack? I hope not 🙂

      Oh I think you’re a very bad boy and some lucky mistress is going to have punish all that pent up aggression inside you. 🙂

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