High Heels are not made for walking

I emailed my sister a picture of these platform heels I’ve been eye-loving. She said that it was too high for me. So I said I know, but they’re so cute. Then she sent me this You Tube video of a model falling on the runway along with this message “if she can’t pull it off, neither can you.” 

Damn she’s right … she’s always right.

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21 Responses to High Heels are not made for walking

  1. Rachel says:

    very funny, i’m a high heeled girl myself. my mom used to tell me i was going to break an ankle if i ever fell…i guess that the daughter-version of “you’ll shoot your eye out.” makes me wish i had a sister!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      OMG, it looked like the model was walking on a tightrope and she just couldn’t keep her balance. I wonder who she is and if she still has a career. Lol on “you’ll shoot your eye out” that’s from my fav movie 🙂

  2. Lotus Flower says:

    Lol, I know I couldn’t pull this off at all. I have too much weight to even attempt to wear these heels. I definitely will shoot my eye out, my heart, my throat, my clavicle and my kneecaps. LOL

  3. Shonnie says:

    Better listen to your sister ’bout them shoes. Don’t want to go fallin’ all over the place. I love heels … but I KNOW I would look like her. haha! I trip with my fip flops.

  4. April King says:

    I’m a high heel fanatic,, and ohhhboy i have busted it more than a few times.. the most embarressing times was on a blind date,, walking inside the resturant door and tripped on the damn rug,, bam! Right in front of the guy. I just stood up like nothing happened. Lol

  5. That’s why you practice, practice, practice! When I see heels that look incredibly tall, all I think is “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

  6. beider says:

    They sure are sexy when a woman knows how to walk in them though 😀

    But one thing that is extremely nasty is the feet of women who have worn high heels for the majority of their adult life. Their toes become all pushed together and sometimes pushed over each other, *shudder*

    Not as nasty as Chinese foot binding, but still quite nasty.

    So wear with moderation girls, high heels every day will ruin your feet.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I once worked with a woman who loved to wear open toed shoes and her toes were always well-pedicured, but they were all crossed and real knotty looking. I often thought about the poor pedicurist who had to work on her feet.

      I’ve done research on Chinese foot binding. Chinese men at that time thought it to be very erotic. And get this, some would even put the little feet in their mouths during hanky-panky. Can you imagine? Oh, just the thought of it makes me lose my appetite. Actually thoughts of that would be good for my diet …

  7. Shahi Hafez says:

    Surprisingly, I find it easier to run in heels than walk. I guess it’s the speed that keeps the heels ON my feet.

  8. imakeeper says:

    Bahahahha it is so funny yet I feel a little bad for the tall, shrimpy model… actually, I don’t, who am I kidding?

  9. madtante says:

    Sad! I have a thing against the stripper heels you see everybody’s mother wearing now. I can’t get over the fact that in the 80s only WHORES wore them. Hey, I’ve danced my arse off in my underwear and I’m not a whore or stripper but still. It’s uncomfortable for *me* to see broads my age or older doing that. Dude. You’ve got kids. Work your sexeh but do you have to go all-out-whore? I dunno. You’d NEVER guess that I’d turn into this conservative old broad when I was sleeping in doorways in the early 80s. I guess I’m like those “found Baby Bejeebers” people on death row.

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