Lafemmeroarism #6–Unforgettable Goodbye Gift

When he’s been lying, cheating and is now leaving.


Give him a proper goodbye gift.

A good slap is all you need to feel better.

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© 2011 Lafemmeroar

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Writer, blogger, humorist. Visit my blog to know more :)) Laughing at the malfunction of the universe is better than crying about it.

25 Responses to Lafemmeroarism #6–Unforgettable Goodbye Gift

  1. April King says:

    This is great!!!! I just got spurned today! Dumb ass mother f’er. I’m staying single for a looooong while. Tired of the drama. He went back to his ex-wife. WTH! I hope she gives him hell!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Oh no sorry to hear that. Just enjoy being single and have fun “man shopping.” You know something … check out (or join) my Crazy Chicks Club. I think you’ll really like some of the members there 🙂
      Enjoy life, be crazy ’cause no one else is going to be really happy for you but you!

  2. totsymae1011 says:

    Yes, I can feel the relief a slap would bring. I’ve never done but I say, more power to the woman who gives a deserving chap his due 🙂 Though, I certainly hope any woman who does that is physically able to withstand retaliation. That’s why it’s never been an option for me. I say dump him. I’m too cute for a physical altercation 🙂

  3. jsh0608 says:

    I slapped an ex who left me for his ‘baby momma’ who he later married and divorced like not even a year later…anyways…I slapped him and it seemed like slow mo for me, but other said it came fast and unexpected. But it felt great. :0)

  4. Aurora says:

    Oh Boy. More inspiration for my pages of “blather” as always, LFR. Thanks for the giggles 🙂

  5. Haha I’d want an audience.

  6. changnaga says:

    A slap is, as they say, always ‘fast and unexpected’…it stings especially when it comes from a girl.. 🙂 .. 🙂

  7. Now doesn’t that feel better! Nothing like directing all that pent up rage in one swift blow!

  8. sparkylaurie says:

    Catchy title……and as usual brought me a SMILE! This was Funny!;)

  9. imakeeper says:

    Silly men. Sigh. lol

  10. Mizz says:

    LoL…I love reading all you gurl comment…you guys are all crazeeeeehhhh!

  11. “Take That, AssHole!”


  12. theladyinredink says:

    Ah, if only I had done something like that…a million, million times! 🙂

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