Clowning around with men

A nice clown will make you smile.

Wikimedia Commons/Marion Baars

An sad clown will depress you.

Wikimedia Commons/Mizrraim

An evil clown will give you nightmares.

IMDB/Stephen King's "It"

This clown will turn your life upside down.

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17 Responses to Clowning around with men

  1. So the movie It scarred me for life…even your happy clown gives me the heebie jeebies….to make it worse one time I had to work interpreting at the circus!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Clownophobia … I hope this post doesn’t give you nightmares. I loved that movie though, I think it was the friendships that connected with me.
      Tim Curry as the clown was creepy … even though I had a crush on him in Rocky Horror.

  2. todaysworkingwoman says:

    Love the first picture…the others, not so much!

  3. Annie says:

    I remember reading It in high school. I loved that scary crap back then. Having children made me too weak to take the gore now. I lost my “edge”. LOL

    That jerk at the end IS a bozo.

  4. jsh0608 says:

    I hate clowns…nightmare’s tonight…I should have known. Oh well, life goes on…hehehe oh and I still watch scary movies, knowing damn well what it will do to me. :0) :0)

    I DEspise them. They scare me. They are all pedaphiles hiding behind a big red nose.
    They Freeeeeeeeeeeak Me Out!
    Get my point?

  6. Coulrophobia. Fear of clowns. Even liturgical clowns at church. They freak me out. Long before John Wayne Gacy, the mass murderer, was found to have been gigging on the side as a clown, I just could not get past their… clowny stuff. I think they are often in it for “the kids,” you know, like Gacy, who…. eeeeeew. FREAK OUT!!

    Now all of you MUST read this one, which might help us all before we completely lose our freaking minds, merkins, and mermaid fins. Amy

  7. hollyjb says:

    My Aunt collects clown stuff. Her one room (small, but still) is completely filled with clown paraphernalia. I’m kind of indifferent towards clowns.

    I know he’s a doll and not a clown, but Chucky was what freaked me out as a kid. I remember being, oh, probably 9 or so and I was at a friend’s house. Her older sister (by a couple years) had a friend as well and we all walked to the video store to rent a movie. I hated scary movies then and I still do now – to a point. Turn the sound/music off and they’re not that scary, you take out all the suspense that way! Anyway, they wanted a scary movie and got Chucky. I’m not really sure how they got away with it…I would think the rating for that would have made it impossible for them to rent it on their own. I think I spent most of the movie with my head under the pillow. I don’t remember much at all, but I never, EVER want to watch it. I actually can’t watch Jurassic Park either. I tried to again in high school (I watched it around the same time as Chucky), but had to turn it off when it got to the part where the power gets shut off. Ugh. I don’t like it at all.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      That Chucky movie is a cult classic. I think it’s the hair that freaks me out. Even as a doll he looks creepy. So I’m thinking you’re not into the horror movies? I love horror films and I don’t know why because even at my age I still get freaked out. I remember the “Exorcist” coming on at 1 am. I stayed up and watched it and I slept with the light on.

      Many people get freaked out by clowns, but I think a room filled with clowns can either be really cute or sort of scary.

  8. hollyjb says:

    The clown room is…well, I think it’s a bit of both. I’ve just learned to ignore it, I forget they’re there (or I pretend I do anyway). I remember watching the first Scream movie at the tender age of 11 or 12. My cousin wanted to watch it when she was visiting and we watched with my parents. It didn’t give nightmares, but I didn’t like it. I don’t go out of my way to watch horror, no. My sister would (and I think has) seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others of the sort, but I never want to even glance at that one.

    During O-Week at university we had a movie night. Now they set up a big screen on the Alumni field, at that time they bussed us to the local Galaxy and we had the entire theatre (but only 4 rooms/movies). They gave us tickets at random for which movie we were going to see and my friends and I got stuck with The Ring 2. I hadn’t seen the first one and never wanted to so we left to go see a different one (I don’t remember which one though). Then I ended up watching the original of The Ring (from Korea) with some friends from high school and I wasn’t that scared. It might have been because I was concentrating so much on reading the subtitles or I don’t know what. Basically, I think if you mute a horror film and read subtitles it loses a lot of it’s ‘horror’, but I really don’t want to try and prove that theory. It was actually creepier when my friend (who is very pale and has long, dark, almost black hair) put on a white nightgown, threw her hair over her face and started creeping around and making strange noises. That freaked me out because she was putting on a very good imitation.

    And there I go with the verbal diarrhea AGAIN! Sometimes I feel the need to tell people everything, even when they don’t need/want to know :S. 😀

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I’ve seen all of those movies. lol on your prankster friend … did you find a way to get her back? Your comments are always welcome here. I enjoy reading them

  9. hollyjb says:

    Thanks :D. Actually, I didn’t get her back. It was a group of us and she wasn’t really trying to surprise us, we knew what she was doing the entire time, it was just creepy. I thought, even if I hadn’t seen the movie/trailers/knew anything about the movie I would have been freaked out if she HAD sneaked up on me somewhere.

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