The Man from Malutopia–Love Button Twitchings and Confusions #2

Part #1: This is the metamorphosis of a man who turns into a woman in a world dominated by men.

Zelda knew the schlongs would come back, and make her the queen of their schlong bang, but not before they contacted their leader Zeuks to join in on the fun. How ironic that a day ago Zeuks was the banger and now his schlonglessness would make him the “bangee.” The events of the day put a heavy toll in his her psyche for Zelda despite her newly formed “femmeness” still harbored a lot of alpha-maleness in her mind. All this was too confusing and stressful. In times of stress Zeuks spanked the schlong, but since Zeuks is now Zelda there was no schlong to spank.

But there is a love button behind the folds and he was an expert at rubbing that. So Zelda lay down on the bed and proceeded with de-stressing her mind. After a long while of rubbing and tugging her love button Zelda found no release or even a twinge of a spark. In times of sparklessness, porn always engorged his situation. But that didn’t work either. Despite an hour of watching the Malutopia TnA Network. Zelda found no excitement in watching femmes being poked by alpha males.

Zelda changed the channel and came across the Schlong Show, where alpha males competed in an obstacle course to determine the über male of the pack. Zelda watched muscle men running around half-naked and Zelda finally felt a twinge of a twitch in her girly parts. What would her former schlonger brethren think about his her ignited libido at the sight of half-naked men with their manly parts jiggling about? The Zeuks Zelda once was would have immediately reported the thought crime to the Homo-Police for any schlong engorgement at the sight of other naked men were immediate cause for incarceration with other homo inclined males.

But things were different now. Zelda’s love button twitching by all accounts in Malutopia is completely legal. So, Zelda put down the clicker, nestled herself comfortably on the bed and the more she watched schlongs jiggle, the more she rubbed and moments later Zelda experienced the most dynamic inner orgasm Zeuks ever had. Flushed, steamy, wet and content, the guilt crept up. (In this way Zelda was much like many men of the world.) How could he she be sexually turned on by a bunch of über males? Zelda convinced herself that it was her body and not her mind, but wasn’t her body and mind one? Zelda asked herself these questions and more, but the most important question was how in the hell did Zeuks lose his schlong?

Zelda needed to investigate what happened to her, but she couldn’t do it trapped in the house. She had to go out into the world. She got dressed and realized that Zeuks’ clothes didn’t fit her for Zeuks was tall and muscular and she is petite and curvy. Moreover, wearing Zeuks’ clothes was a fashion felony for it was a big time crime in Malutopia to wear clothing that deprived males from seeing female charms and Zelda had a pair of very charming boobies and a bang bang ass that her former self would have loved to squeeze, nibble, poke and prod.

Zelda knew she had to buy some slutwear if she were to go out into Malutopia so she risked it and went to the Hosville boutique. A few sales girls gave her suspicious looks and just when Zelda thought she’d be reported to the FFPP (Fashion Faux Pas Police) one of the sales girls approached her and whispered, “Schlong bang?”

As Zelda’s former self was the mastermind of many schlong bangs, Zelda immediately said “Yes,” hoping for some sympathy. To her surprise the girl smiled and said, “The same thing happened to me last week and I left his apartment wearing nothing but a towel. I got you covered. You can’t go around dressed like that,” and she helped Zelda pick out proper clothes that wouldn’t get her arrested, but would definitely make her the sexual target of randy schlongers.

With no cash in hand Zelda paid with Zeuks’ credit card. The sales girl saw the name on the card and said, “Zeuks Strong was the one.”

“The one who what?” Zelda asked.

“He and his friends schlong banged me last weekend. They were mean, cruel, and laughed the whole time they poked and prodded me.”

Zelda gasped in horror because he she didn’t remember ever schlong banging this tall and boobied brunette.

to be continued …

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16 Responses to The Man from Malutopia–Love Button Twitchings and Confusions #2

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  2. hollyjb says:

    And so the saga continues. I must say, it’s odd reading this story because it differs so much from your normal way of blogging. Maybe it’s just the language. Will Zelda/Zeuks ever change into a loving, kind man? The only way I’m going to find out is if you keep writing!

  3. I must admit, I am both intrigued and confused. But I think I’m supposed to be. I’ll be waiting for the next installment to see what happens or doesn’t happen. So schlong for now!

  4. Shonnie says:

    I totally love the new look! I think I am in need of a new look to go with my new focus. 😀 Now, back to read your post and then I will comment again.

  5. Shonnie says:

    wow … that wasn’t what I was expecting. haha! I have to say that I am as confused as the two Z’s. 😀

  6. Woman says:

    LOL!!!!! Schlong banged me??? LOL!!!!

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