You don’t have to be a star to deserve my love

I often wonder when and where I’ll fall in love gain and with whom. 

In retrospect, I’ve always fallen in love with smart men who made me laugh. Oh, they made me cry as well, (I wouldn’t be human if I’ve never cried over love) and I suspect that when I find my “true love,” the gamut of emotions I experience will include a few tears, but lots of laughter and joy.

He won’t be perfect, but he’ll be wonderful in my eyes. He won’t be a rocket scientist, but he’ll understand my complexities. He won’t be rich, but he’ll be full of sweetness and light. He won’t be famous, but I’ll know him the moment my gaze meets his. He won’t be the life of the party, but he’ll be the super nova of my heart beyond my last whisper of breath. So for the man out there whose fate is waiting to cross with mine this is what I’d like to say to you:

Baby come as you are with just your heart and I’ll take you in …

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. “You Don’t Have to be a Star (To be in my show)” 



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47 Responses to You don’t have to be a star to deserve my love

  1. hollyjb says:

    ” He won’t be the life of the party, but he’ll be the super nova of my heart beyond my last whisper of breath.” – I love this line.

    We just want someone to love us for who we are, and someone we can love for who they are. Honestly, if a guy can love me despite me then I at least have to give him a chance!

  2. “Honestly, if a guy can love me despite me then I at least have to give him a chance!”

    Have you thought improving yourself so that you have more to offer in the context of dating and relationships?

    You might be able to get a much better guy that way.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      @theprivateman in regards to your statement:
      “Have you thought improving yourself so that you have more to offer in the context of dating and relationships?
      You might be able to get a much better guy that way.”

      Have you thought that I have and so has the reader that originated that quote and that we do have much to offer in “the context of dating and relationships”?
      Have you thought that even some women who have lots to offer in a relationship are still challenged in finding “a much better guy”?
      Have you thought that “human nature” has flaws and despite the realized self there will always be a lack?
      Have you thought that “some men” don’t appreciate a good woman?
      Have you thought about coming back and reading more of my posts?

      Thanks for visiting and for the suggestion.
      Hope to see you soon. 🙂

      • hollyjb says:

        @Lafemmroar: Thanks for sticking up for me! Lol. Flaws can make things fun!

        @theprivateman: You make a good point. I am super flawed and I recognize that. I also recognize why I might not come across as the most attractive person (physically and otherwise, take your pick) on a first meeting. I also realize that the reason I haven’t really met anyone yet lays mostly with me. I’m definitely putting most of the ‘blame’ on my end. I have a question; other than being willing to attend/watch sporting events (or whatever he’s interested in) I don’t particularly enjoy to spend time with that ‘someone’, other than being not clingy and totally cool with giving space when it’s needed, other than wanting to do everything I can to show him I love him and make him happy…what am I missing? ^_^ I realize that doesn’t encompass every aspect of a relationship, but I’m working with nothing here. This is just what I hope I can achieve if I ever am lucky enough to be in a loving relationship.

        I’m actually curious what guys want. I also realize that not all guys are the same the same way not all women are the same. Ultimately all I have to offer is me. You can take me as I am and encourage me in what I am trying to change, or you can leave me. 😀

        • Lafemmeroar says:


          With or without self-improvement people come as is … with scratches and knicks in the mind, body and soul. And for the record I’ve seen your pics on FB and I think you’re beautiful, cute and charming.

          • hollyjb says:

            Awww…thanks so much. ^_^

            • aeliusblythe says:

              Hey holly, I stopped by your blog (and subscribed, cuz Belgium—squeeee! 🙂 ) anyway… you seem like a beautiful and fascinating person. The only reason to ever “improve” yourself, is for you. I never got the concept of wanting to “improve” someone else, actually. There are billions of people on the planet, if you don’t like me the way I am go find someone else! That’s my rule.

              • hollyjb says:

                Wow, thanks! I do agree with changing for yourself. The changes I’m trying to make right now are for my health with a pleasant side effect of weight loss, lol. And yeah, people never stay ‘changed’, and you’ll probably end up liking them less after they’ve become what you want them to be!

  3. Marouane Boutaib says:

    Ah, I’m loving this post entirely. I’m somewhat of a horribly desperate romantic myself and this actually made me smile gleefully.

    No one is perfect. Everyone has their baggage, and in that respect, you’ll have to accept that baggage to be in a relationship with another. If you cannot do this, you’re merely stretching the unavoidable – the end of it all.

    I love how you are accepting and facing your feelings and reality like that. It has costed me a long while, and only recently was I able to let go and just go with the flow of things and not overthink things too much.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on your future posts.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thank you. This post came as a surprise to me. I was listening to the song and while I’ve thought of “finding the one” I haven’t really had many romantic thoughts in a long time. But today I heard the song and was inspired to share my idea of “the one.” I”m glad that you found your release. I too have to learned not to over think things as too much thinking can clog up the “noodle” with a lot of nonsense. Glad you liked the post. I’ll see you around … 🙂

      • Marouane Boutaib says:

        It’s funny how the most inspiring thoughts start with a simple sentence or word, and become a vast train of thoughts that only compliment the previous one.

        It’s fun, it’s relaxing and most of all, it’s rewarding. That’s why we/I write, and that’s we/I will keep writing.

        Gheh, I’ll see you around.

  4. What you think you have to offer and what you actually offer are two very different things.

    The standard dating and relationship advice is so horribly flawed that it creates relationship dysfunction long before dating and the relationships actually begin.

    Here’s the savage secret…. what women think what men want and what men actually want are so horribly divergent that it’s criminally stupid.

    Take the red pill.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Here’s the Lafemmeroar secret … it’s whatever works.

      There will always be a slippage of communication between humans (regardless of gender, sex … whatever). Semiotics sucks because the meaning of signs aren’t static.

      There is no secret to the disharmony between the subjective and objective perspective. The red pill doesn’t work (at least not on me) Now, the rainbow pill is totally “highalicious.” And regarding this statement “What you think you have to offer and what you actually offer are two very different things.” The point of finding “the one” is in finding someone where the slippage of meaning in the signs decreases so that the partnership converges into harmony .. at least most of the time. I don’t believe in formulas for this, if there were there would be no use for useless standard or NON-STANDARD dating advice because whatever anybody says the secret is to finding true love, we are all so unique that one cookie cutter approach or the flavor of the week, month or year dating trend becomes a fruitless endeavor to the individual.

      I agree that dating advice is criminally stupid, but it’s a good thing it’s not against the law or many bloggers would find themselves behind bars. 🙂 So my dear readers please disregard any dating advice I give and in the event that I post some dating advice be aware that I take no responsibility in any unsatisfactory results you may incur should you follow that advice. For any suggestions I give are for the purpose of chuckles and not intended as the tried and true answer to finding dates, relationships or love.

      • Marouane Boutaib says:

        Advice is exactly what it is, advice. You do not tell people to do this or that. People can, hopefully, think for themselves and decide what’s best for theirself.

        Input doesn’t necessarily mean an output is mandatory. You can easily break it down before it gets out. And that’s what the brain is supposed to do for you, or you for yourself, whichever way you might understand it better.

        We give advice, or listen to advice because of hope. We hope to find the right ones, we hope to help others find the happiness we have found within our relationships. Or we want to compare our relationship to another, to see whether we’re doing alright, or maybe it’s time to start making changes, or change the partner.

        Your decisions are your own to make, we merely state the obvious, that you’re usually too blinded or perhaps too afraid to see/notice yourself.

  5. Hope, Faith and Love…………. or perhaps the other way around??????

  6. Ina says:

    I hope you find this special one 🙂

  7. Cat says:

    Sigh….here’s hopin it happens soon!

  8. imakeeper says:

    “He won’t be famous, but I’ll know him the moment my gaze meets his. He won’t be the life of the party, but he’ll be the super nova of my heart beyond my last whisper of breath.”

    Um CAN I HAVE THIS CARVED INTO MY WALL? This is one fully-loaded beautiful love mantra you have voiced and I love it. It makes my heart smile. Literally, it has a sweet grin on right now.

  9. Ruth D. says:

    Wow…beautifully written… well done! You sure know what you’re looking for! Love this!

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  11. Patti Kuche says:

    . . . but will you be with him on the midnight train to Georgia? I know you will!

    • Patti Kuche says:

      Seriously, this is such a sad, sweet post that has had me thinking about you ever since reading it and I am not hearing you laughing at this particular malfunction . . . Love goes through so many phases and stages, realistic and unrealistic, regardless of age but always , with longings for romance and respect. For who we are – man, woman, single, married or otherwise.

      So many best wishes to you. Your Mr Right hasn’t found you yet! You will find each other when you least expect it . . . .

      • Lafemmeroar says:

        No, I’m not laughing about it, but I’ve certainly had sooooo many laughable moments with exes. This post was something that I’ve been thinking about as I got older. I realize that I fall for guys who weren’t or didn’t have the criteria I had in mind (except for wit and intelligence–these two things are very necessary). I’m glad that the post touched you. I was hoping it would do that 🙂

  12. Thats a lovely and true description of how being loved would feel

  13. The T says:

    you never know, he might be rich…he might be amazingly handsome, and he might want everything that you’ve dreamed about….so keep those daydreams in tact… some of us are always positively out there hopeful for you to win the moment!


  14. Phil's Lounge says:

    As long as your heart and mind are open to the possibilities, the possibilities will occur and become an eventuality. 🙂

  15. Bodhirose says:

    This is very sweet. It touched my heart because it’s so sincere and open to the possibility.

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