Inventive thoughts … from a crazy chick

Great inventions from great minds:

Popsicle: In 1905 Frank Epperson left his soft drink with a stirring stick inside it out in the cold and the next day voilà the “Eppsicle” now known as a popsicle was created.

**What do you get when you leave a horny dude out in the cold all night long? A “cocksicle.”

Potato Chips: In 1853, Native american chef George Crum was working at a restaurant when he decided to play a joke on a customer who kept sending back their plate of potatoes for being cut too thick. What’s a Crum to do? Well he cut the tatters super thin, fried, salted and served them. The finicky eater loved them and hello “Saratoga chips” aka potato chips was born. This evil source of carby-fatty goodness is loved by junk food junkies everywhere.

**What do you get when you put potato chips in your mouth? Cottage cheese butt and thighs.

Velcro:  Swiss enginner George de Mestral was walking through a field of weeds in 1948 when he found a bunch of cockleburs stuck on his clothes. He examined the burs under a microscope and the configuration of the fibers inspired him to create Velcro eight years later.

**What do you get when you wear velcro? A sticky fashion disaster … see this clip:

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32 Responses to Inventive thoughts … from a crazy chick

  1. hollyjb says:

    I was just thinking how much I want a Popsicle right now….. And that Velcro clip made me lol so hard! Potato chips are some of my favourite things…. I wish it wasn’t so. When I was growing up we used to get the No Name Sour Cream and Onion all the time. My Mom would put them in the freezer right from the store. So when we ate them they were always fresh, cold, and super crispy. Now I want to eat that. 3.5 months, 3.5 months, 3.5…..

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Sadly I’ve given up potato chips, but I’m still eating sweet potato fries. Wasn’t that clip just totally hilarious? That movie is one of my guilty pleasure. It’s gross and funny …

      • hollyjb says:

        I’ve never seen it! I saw Borat, but have yet to see Bruno (that’s what it’s called right?). I’ll have to put it on my list of movies I want to watch. It’s a long list…

  2. beautywalk says:

    Just what I needed after a long day at work! Very funny. Yotaki

  3. Always a treat to visit your blog. That was great.

  4. A “cocksicle.”

    Omg, It’s true !! 🙂

  5. magsx2 says:

    Where on earth would we be without these people that can invent all these different things we now take for granted? They are all amazing with their insight to come up with these items.

  6. You must be great fun at a party! I bet you have your own collection of velcro dresses…;)

  7. That is fantastic. Bruno has always been very hit and miss for me but that one is brilliant.

    Anyone else remember the clip where he went to a country dance club in America and pretended to fancy one of the male dancers?

  8. theladyinredink says:

    Potato chips are my downfall.

  9. nice video…… it should not be Ali A B C D E F but Ali G lolz

  10. Aurora says:

    Agree with Lorna, you must be great at a party!!! Where do you live, by the way? Just wondering if it might be worth arranging one??? LOL I think we are far apart geographically but definitely not in thought. Thanks for the giggles, love the way you roar 🙂

  11. Amber says:

    Potato chips are deadly..have you ever opened a family sized pack, saying I’ll have a few and then next time you look down the bag is more or less empty apart form the crushed up bits in the corners. Then you feel completed disgusted physically and emotionally. They are great like that !

  12. kvennarad says:

    ‘Popsicle’ (a word unknown in the UK – we say ‘ice lolly’) set me thinking and wondering if the story of the invention is apocryphal. I am sure that I read somewhere of such inventors and originators as Gustav Humdinger, Leonora Doosie, et al*.

    Marie Marshall

    * Al – there was another great guy!

  13. Phil says:

    Are we talking a “flash freeze” with these cocksickle things, because I’d wonder about shrinkage with the cold…

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