Five Money Saving Tips This Holiday Season

In today’s economizing times you need to keep your money in the bank. But Christmas isn’t conducive to tightening your purse strings. So, here are a few tips on ways to avoid spending on others without looking like a tightwad:

1. Tell people you’ve converted to a religion that prohibits shopping in December. People need to “respect” your “Frugalism.”

2. Tell people that you’re in the 12-Step Program for shopaholics. Shopping would not be conducive to your sobriety.

3. You are boycotting Christmas until there is peace on Earth. You’ll never have to go holiday shopping again!

4. Pretend you have amnesia and you don’t remember any of your friends or relatives. The good thing with this strategy is that you might even get some really cool “sympathy gifts.”

5. Tell your friends that you’ve embrace the recycling lifestyle by giving “previously owned gifts.” You’ll finally know what to do with that cracked candy dish. You’ll lessen your carbon footprint while increasing the contents in your money belt.

Your true friends will believe understand and those who don’t probably don’t deserve gifts in the first place. 

Note: Lafemmeroar is not a tightwad. She’s such a spendthrift that she’s maxed out her credit cards and is now in debt due to her extravagance for designer shoes and purses. This year she is giving her gift of insanity wisdom to those crazy enough to listen.

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73 Responses to Five Money Saving Tips This Holiday Season

  1. magsx2 says:

    I really liked:-
    “You are boycotting Christmas until there is peace on Earth. You’ll never have to go holiday shopping again!” Now that one I can use. 😆

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Yeah peace on Earth is a good thing 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Mags 🙂

  2. zemeraime says:

    I was 24 when I stopped “doing” Christmas. I don’t get upset , worry about my finances after January. It has been a stress free 10 yrs. My Mumma now does the same as me,, and loves it. My son doesn’t suffer. he likes that I get the deals whenever,, and gives him the gift when we get home. No waiting. Plus he says,, “There is something wrong about wanting kids to sit on his lap.” lol Very wise 10 yr old,,

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      OMG! I never thought about that! There is something freaky about a kid on Santa’s lap … your son is wise indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I say go with the amnesia. You can use the phrase “But I don’t remember!” for getting away with anything.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Isn’t that the truth … now I was going to say something else but “I don’t remember” 🙂

      • Ugh.

        : )

  4. Very good tips i think 4 is the best one.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Glad you liked them 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    I don’t have the intention to spend all my money for presents this year – but thanks for your advices anyway 🙂

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      You’re welcome Kim 🙂

  6. Love this!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Femme 🙂

  7. Phil says:

    A number of my extended family must have adopted #5, for that damned fruitcake in the bright red and green box has been circulating among the relatives for at least ten years. That fruitcake is indestructible (well that and inedible too) – I’m guessing it will continue to make the rounds for another ten or more years at least!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      It will go through the generations of re-gifting … 🙂

  8. hawleywood40 says:

    Love it! Humor is a great gift – so your friends and family are blessed : )!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Awww thank you so much. Oh if only I could give the gift of humor in the real world instead of bought items… 🙂

  9. All great suggestions, Laffe!

    We do a random, no names gift exchange. You get the same number of gifts you bring and you can swap if you don’t like what you randomly selected. $30 limit and many gifts are funny. It’s more of a game than anything else. No pressure and lots of laughs.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      That sounds fun Lorna 🙂

  10. Cash for son and daughter. Savings bonds for grandchildren and a few things on line. Finis. Never left the crib.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      You’re a clicker shopper 🙂

  11. 5. Tell your friends that you’ve embrace the recycling lifestyle by giving “previously owned gifts.”

    HA HA…. I do that already, L. Xx

  12. I like the idea of regifting. I’ve got all kinds of crap in my attic I need to get rid of.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      You sure do Diana! I’ve got lots of junk that can be considered treasure by another. 🙂

  13. SilentMyth says:

    Lol. The amnesia excuse is best ever..

  14. nicole says:

    fabulous recommendations! i like to get donations to the local animal shelter and gift the “proof of donation” certificate to family and friends (in cute cigar boxes). if they don’t like it, then they can bitch about my kate spade purses, but they’re not getting anything more. 😉 x

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      That’s an awesome idea Nicole. Nothing better than giving the gift that’s been given to a good cause 🙂

  15. veehcirra says:

    I converted to a religion that prohibits shopping,will definitely try this! Priceless 😉

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Vee 🙂

  16. trjensen says:

    You are too funny! I love shopping during the holidays but wallet definitely does not.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I love shopping for myself and I’d love shopping for others but as you said my wallet is always complaining about it so it’s really not me 😛

  17. LOL amnesia… my friends and I always think of this as an excuse for everything xD great post!!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Evil 🙂

  18. My dad got Old Spice one year for Christmas from some family member who didn’t realize he doesn’t wear cologne. He gave it to me the next year and demanded that I regift the same family get together we had the year before. Talk about weird and uncomfortable.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      OMG that is too funny!Did you?

      • Like the spinless daughter I am, I did. It’s hard to refuse my dad anything, especially when he gives me the angry stink eye.

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          Well you are a good daughter 🙂

  19. I love it, Thanks for the great tips.

    Re: Point 4, I do this on a regular basis anyway!


    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I love to help my readers save money any way I can 🙂

  20. alanschuyler says:

    I like to give people the gift of “me”. Special time spent with me. They seldom ever cash it in.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      lmao Alan!

  21. Perfect! I am going to tell my.Gaggle that we are changing religions. That way I won’t have to feel bad that I dont have any money for gifts!! Brilliant! And then I dont have to worry about all the other gifts we are.suupposed to get for……someone. I cant remember their names. Yay!! This is way better than the klonopin stupor I was planning so I could try to get through Christmas with an I dont give a shit attitude. Thanks!!
    🙂 Peace

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      lol Lizzie you are cracked! 🙂

  22. Fox@n says:

    Omg I’m dead.
    Love all of them. I wonder if they would work on Birthday gifts O.o

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      They would Fox 🙂 especially the amnesia one 🙂

  23. Aurora, HSP says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Number 3, with you there (and on the rest of your screaming funny list) 🙂

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Janice 🙂 That’s why we’re crazy chicks 🙂

  24. John says:

    but nice
    Sincerely, john

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I’m nutty and nice … thanks John 🙂

  25. The Hook says:

    Thanks for the help! You rock!

  26. sami116 says:

    Gift whore: “Where is my gift? Don’t you know its Christmas tradition?

    Me: ” I was bringing it to you when I encountered some ungrateful rich kids en route to your place. My heart couldn’t bear to see the sad expression on their unsatisfied faces, so I gave it to them.”

    After this one of two things happens:

    1) Gift whore: “Aww.. I can’t believe you did this. It is so nice of you …..”

    2) Gift whore: I still want a gift.
    Me: “You selfish bitch.”

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      lol Sami 🙂

  27. Becoming Bitter says:

    Number 5 sounds perfect for a bitter person like me.

    • Lafemmeroar says:


  28. Raine says:

    Re-gifting and reducing my carbon footprint are most definitely my style.

    Have you also considered kidnapping a sexy man and holing up underground for the length of December insanity and enjoying the peace and quiet…well, it may not be either, but you know what I mean.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I can hole him up in the North Pole … next to Santa’s workshop 🙂

      • Raine says:

        To keep you warm during the holidays…:D

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          Warm, gushy and happy 🙂

  29. Great post! ‘..until there is peace on Earth’ LOL

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Hi Jawa 🙂 Glad you liked it.

  30. Amor24 says:

    I did the holiday one!!! I will definitely try the peace on earth one this year.

    This is what procrastination causes – my comment being at the bottom of the page 😦

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Yeah the peace on Earth one will save you money year after year after year …

  31. Just Rambling says:

    Wooowww!!! I love this!!! See how many comments and “likes”???? That means the whole wide world is going to take your advice!!! Yay you for making this world a better place!!!!! 😀

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I try my best Ruth 🙂

  32. Cinnamon says:

    Ha ! The only other tip that I would add would be to just “break up” with all your family and friends around the holidays. That’s what guys do so they don’t have to buy us anything !! (besides, I’ve done it, and it works) And “make up” gifts are so much cheaper cause they’ll be on sale.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      lmao!!! Great tip Cinnamon 🙂

  33. Viciously Sweet says:

    I think I’m going to try that amnesia one… who am I? what am I? Where am I?

    Or maybe just buy those three flavored popcorn tubs in bulk, after all they encapsulate all the flavors of the season…

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I haven’t seen those big tubs of popcorn in a long time. Good idea though 🙂

  34. Monica says:

    back away from the mall – put your purse on the ground and take 12 steps away from it — it’s got to work

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      lol Monica … very strategic … 🙂

  35. I love your suggestions. They can work …. LOLOL
    I give the gift of me. Time spent with whom ever it is I am
    giving to give somethng to. It probably sounds cheap. ~~~~ : — O
    No …
    we can walk the beach and have a picnic I bring. We can
    enjoy an afternoon of relaxing at my house with lunch and
    a nice bottle of wine. Or … a movie and lunch. You get the pix.
    Who wants to think about sizes and tastes????

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I’d like to spread myself thin and give the gift of me to everyone I know 🙂 Now that would absolutely be money saving … 🙂

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