Crazy Freaks Club Official Theme Song

The Crazy Freaks Club needs an official theme song and our member Lizzie Cracked of Running Naked with Scissors blog showed her awesome freakiness by suggesting these three videos.

Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite vid and make it OFFICIAL!

1. Lady Gaga — I Like It Rough

2. Madcon — Freaky Like Me

3. Blake Lewis – Freak

Thanks Lizzie!

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40 Responses to Crazy Freaks Club Official Theme Song

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Lady Gaga scares my pet snake. So, I didn’t vote for her.

  2. El Guapo says:

    Even though it is my duty as a citizen of the blogosphere to vote, I only made it through 2 videos. I will not be watching the Lady Gaga video, and the fact that it’s the lead-off scares the hell out of me.

    But since lizziecracked picked em, I’m sure it has some redeeming value…
    I went with Madcon.

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Nice entry truly entertaining 🙂

  4. Voted, but no.2 is blocked in Britain for copy right.

    What about ” Bad Girls by Donna Summers ” it might suit all the bad girls in your club.

  5. ((( Gaga Always has my vote )))) xx

  6. Amor24 says:

    Lady Gaga!!! Cue High pitched female===> [*SCREAMS*]

  7. Raine says:

    Seriously? Lady Gaga. NO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. SilentMyth says:

    Lady Gaga all the way =D

  9. Omg that was so hard to choose! I love all three of them! But well at last I had to choose only one… and “Freaky like me” is what works best for me 🙂

  10. Lady Gaga may seem “out there,” but I saw an interview with her and she’s quite witty and smart. She would fit right into this Crazy Chick Club!

  11. taimurwali says:

    vote fa illuminti bitch anyway 😛

  12. I seem to be in the minority. I voted for Blake Lewis, though Lady Gaga would probably fit right in with the CCC.

  13. Bodhirose says:

    I had to vote for Gaga–she’s a chick and she’s freakin’ crazy–but in a cool way like us! 🙂

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  15. Lady Gaga is the one for me … because who doesn’t like it rough????

  16. Wow what fun! I uh…posted a comment on Saturday. Ok I wrote it then I hit post and I got kicked out. I must have dreamed that I came back lol but it was a long one and I was disgusted that I spent so much time and it just flew off into cyberland. I must say I am a little surprised. Lady Gaga – oh my I am under strict orders to never EVER admit I like her in public and especially to any of the older kids friends. That’s all good until Bad Romance comes on – where ever it is….lol I gotta dance! And sing too depending on the level of embarrassment.
    Anyways I kinda thought number two would be more like it just cause it says freaky in the title. And I did try to stay away from the songs that were unisex in the title like the Donna Summer song cause it’s a mixed group …..anyways. Just seeing what’s up.
    😉 Peace

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Going to announce the official winner on Friday. I’m going to give it more days for people to vote 🙂 Thanks for your video suggestions. They are awesome. It’s a love/hate thing with Lady Gaga but I guess the crazy freaks love her 🙂

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