Fighting for my right to make my own mistakes

In a world where words such as fairness and justice are open to interpretation I understand that such ideas can have varying meanings at varying degrees.

After all I think that earning a million dollars for merely waking up in the morning is “fair” but it’s a pipe dream unless the value of a millions dollars downgrades to about zilch.

It would be justice for anyone who has done me wrong to grow a third eye by their crotch or a second nose below their anus , but that would only happen in a fairy tale where there’s a super powerful wicked witch on my side.

But that is how I would interpret fairness and justice in my own crazy chick way.

In such a diverse world riddled with “equally” diverse perspectives, nothing is really universal. To each their own and MYOB when it comes to my business. I don’t like people who say “I told you so” or “I was right” or “Why didn’t you listen to me” or “Why are you still single” or “What’s wrong with you” and a bunch of other whats and whys that are really designed to negatively comment instead of ask.

I reserve the right to make and learn from my own mistakes no matter how “aged I am” … after all we’re never too old or too young to … well you know the rest.

In case you’re wondering what brought this on, let me just say that “know it alls” don’t know a thing. And they’re great at pointing out the chaos of others while forgetting their own scrambled mess.

I don’t normally rant as I try to reserve this blogging to lighter matters, but sometimes one just has to “roar” out in their own quiet way as I am now. I do it through my fingertips as each digit clicks on letters that expresses my craziness and purge the toxins. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t get my sweet revenge eventually. I know that revenge is best served cold and unexpected.

Anyway, a fellow crazy chick once said that the best revenge is living life well … and I do. I live on my own terms because I threw out the cookie cutter of life years ago.

So dear readers … thanks for visiting … thanks for liking and thank you for your comments.

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Writer, blogger, humorist. Visit my blog to know more :)) Laughing at the malfunction of the universe is better than crying about it.

65 Responses to Fighting for my right to make my own mistakes

  1. I love your Roar! And if we only expected sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows from you then I wouldn’t think you were so crazy 😉 Being Crazy to me is much like you have mentioned here in you blog… It is knowing life is full and we can’t help that BUT we can find our own happiness and own it. You do this so well! I might not know you personally but your writing tells a lot of secrets. And I wouldn’t join a club whose founder was bunk. So make your mistakes and make them your way. Because as I like to say and stand behind, “the biggest mistakes and failures in life are often the beginnings of the most beautiful memories made.” Not everyone is going to always agree or keep quiet. Just remember to let go of those who stand up out of jealousy; and hold close those who speak up out of love- no matter how off their views are!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Future you are making me feel so awesome right now. And speaking of mistakes, I once accidentally mistook salt for sugar when making cream filling for cream puffs. It tasted awful and there were no cream puffs that day but I certainly saved a hell of a lot of calories in that faux pas as I’ve been known to eat a whole party’s share of this sweet delight.

      I hate to say it but as anonymous as I try to remain here at Lafemmeroar, I do reveal a lot of who I am in my posts … Thank you again for commenting … you’ve made my homebody night tonight … no cocktails for me this Friday, but there’s always the weekend 🙂

      • Hunny! I am sitting here on the couch eating potato salad out of the tub, listening to my husband snore, and hoping this teething baby doesn’t wake! And I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Cocktails are fun, a LOT of fun with the right people, but not what makes a Friday great. And, you are awesome. I don’t say nice things to everyone. Just to those whom deserve them! So, make the most of being home tonight with whatever it is you like to do while lounging in and I’m going to try to write some while eating my Potato Salad and semi-watching House Hunters International 😀

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          Tonight I’m actually working … but I have ADD so I check on my blog now and again. If memory serves there is something rather sweet watching a man sleep and snore … oh and now you’ve given me the munchies with potato salad .. can you email me a tub? 🙂

          • Good thing I didn’t eat it all! I’ll email ya some potato salad anytime! I am the same way until I get in that no flight zone of my thought process then anything that tries to enter dies. Tragic really 😀

            • Lafemmeroar says:

              I’m making myself something carboy tonight … and I’ll blame it on you. I’ve been having an affair with carbs my whole life. First it was cakes now it’s pasta and bread. Oh well … bon apetit to me 🙂

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Do you ever listen to Kelly Clarkson? I hope between . . . oh, shoot, I forget the digits, but two of the stations I frequent play her song “Mr. Know It All.” I love both this post and that song, both of which make me think of the much-older college boyfriend who once told me, about himself, “I am the most enlightened person I know.” I didn’t even believe that at 21, so how could he at 37? I still marvel at that, and remember him whenever people offer up pearls of wisdom that a chihuahua could just as well have shared.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      LMAO! Deborah … I once dated a guy who loved to say about himself “I’m the most dynamic person I know” … he said that at least once a day … I’m still friends with him and I do wish him the best but I always said (which pissed him off) “You must not know very many people” …

      Now this guy was smart and it made me sad that he had to say that phrase so often …
      I need to do more personal posts, they practically write themselves … 🙂

  3. Aurora, HSP says:

    I second your Crazy Chick notions. All of them. To hell with them as Bette Davis said. Loving these lines of yours, might borrow if somebody gets on my nerves on their soap box. (but never you, get on your soap box, just make sure there is room for me, too, LOL LOL):

    “But that doesn’t mean that I won’t get my sweet revenge eventually. I know that revenge is best served cold and unexpected.”

    Cold and unexpected.

    Now that’s a chick with a heart I could adore.

    Okay. At least admire, LOL LOL Rock on, sistah! xo

  4. I love to read your blog because you say such glorious things. I always think of people who like to give undesired advice are like those nasty Goody ladies from the Crucible. They are just weirdos that wear bonnets and have nothing better to do. I am glad to hear your roar, I hope it knocks the bonnets off those goody’s.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Good point Vicious. Yes, they’re Goody two shoes all right but who knows that they’re actually good at except pointing the finger 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

  5. aeliusblythe says:

    “… the best revenge is living life well …” Like “…success is the best revenge”

    Both totally true.

    And let me tell you, that’s become like a mantra to me. People who say “I told you so” and things like that should really save their breath for more useful utterances. After all, what is the best way to learn? Experience! So those people who try to make you feel bad for making mistakes (or, more frequently, “mistakes” ) should understand that it’s mistakes that make you stronger. Stronger, anyway, than you’d be if you’d just shrugged and gone “Yeah, okay,” every time someone tried to tell you what to do.

    The best cookies are made without cookie cutters–no waste that way!

  6. I never make missteaks.

  7. totsymae1011 says:

    Keep being crazy. It’s all good. 🙂

  8. Even when you “rant” you have a way of showing your inner light and optimism. Every read here is worth it, and we all know it! 🙂

  9. My least favorite words in the Universe–“You know what you ought to do…” I considered printing up a t-shirt that says ‘When I want your advice, I’ll ask for it. Until then, please keep it to yourself.’
    It’s important to me to be polite when I’m telling others to mind their own damned business.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      You got it Diana … and it does make it uncomfortable to be around them because you never know when they’re going to break into their fit of “it told you sos.”

  10. Patti Kuche says:

    As someone who makes mistakes on a regular basis, and is rather possessive of same, I second your motion! I love the way you let go with yours, turning lemons into lemonade with a good splash of vodka to so generously share with us. Cheers dear and here’s to a well rounded life of imperfection. You are living it, others sadly are a little/lot more repressed . . .

  11. Roar On…….. And I’m all about revenge ! (nuff said)

  12. Just Rambling says:

    That is great, I love it how honest you are and you can roar anytime! 😀

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Ruth. It’s just that I’ve kept this blog light for so long that I felt a bit of a change and sometimes … things just need to get “aired out” and I’m so glad that I did! Whew and thank you …

  13. Phil says:

    Hey you! Feel free to rant and roar! After all, the name of your blog implies a bit of roaring.

    The first sign of a know-it-all is their approach. Rarely is it a questioning approach, questioning in the manner of really trying to understand, to “get it” about what and why you do what you do. Usually, the know it all, will skip straight to the “here’s what you need to do, because it worked out well for me.” That’s a lot like saying, “here, put on my eyeglasses, since they work so well for me.” Silly – right? Yet that’s exactly what they are doing when doling out advice. Pointless.

  14. Growl – rumble – thrash – thunder – you go girl …
    it’s a females rights …. !!!
    Goody Goody for you … ~~~~ : – )

  15. You totally rock with awesomeness becoming of the head of the CC nation! Ya like that? Nation not just club lol… anyways just because you laugh at the malfunction of the universe doesn;t mean you can;t get pissed at the idiots that inhabit it now and then – and it gives the rest of us a little kick in the butt to stand on our own as well – I applaud you Ms LaFemme. And have only this to add from the ever sensica (sometimes) Dr. Suess;

    “Be Who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don;t matter and those who matter don;t mind!”

    🙂 Peace

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Aw thank you Lizzie! And the CCC is a nation. I mean we have members from all over the world!!!!! We all rock it the best way we can and it’s lovely that we all stick together in our diversity 🙂 Thank you.

  16. Alfonso L says:

    I loved your article! I can relate completely to “know it alls” telling me what to do about X or Y only to find out they really suck at that area themselves.
    “the best revenge is living life well” So true, that line is worth gold! I fin the Crazy Chicks to be very wise 😉

    Btw Happy New Year!

  17. ((((( ROAR. SCREAM. Bitch. )))))

    Isn’t that what blogs are for?

    Well, that’s what I do on mine, anyhow….

    You are UNIQUE. that’s what Iove about you. Xxxx

  18. millodello says:

    Eventually some lucky offspring of a ‘know-it-all’ and an ‘I-told-you-so’ is going to be right about something. Just saying. It can happen. So remember to listen, get married and do the right thing. Soon you will be as happy as they are and not as happy as you once were. Are you saying breathe, blog, bitch and be happy. Did I read this correctly? Great fun. Carry on.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Millodello 🙂 Yeah even those without the right answers are bound to get something right … eventually 🙂 Yes I am saying breathe, blog, bitch and be happy … ya got it right 🙂

  19. lorrelee1970 says:

    I think you were still light on the ranting. I bet you are hell to deal with when you really let it out.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Lorrelee sometimes I am hell to deal with. But I’ve gotten better. That’s the good thing about getting older. Age teaches us to temper our temper and to lash out at the appropriate time 🙂

  20. Bodhirose says:

    I’m here to support you my friend. I don’t like those that say “I told you so”, etc. either…their fingers should be pointing back at themselves for their arrogance. It’s hard sometimes not to let the few “bad apples” spoil our fun..but put them out of your mind and continue to be your lovable, gregarious self “mistakes” and all!

    You’re the best, have a wonderful heart! 🙂

    Your Crazy Chick sister, Gayle…

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thank you Gayle. It’s nice to know that us CCs continue to stick together. We’re all so different yet we have the solidarity here even if we don’t always get it in the “real world.” Our virtual community is a great support system for those who want to share,rant and just connect with other like minded folks who understand that diversity rules 🙂

  21. trjensen says:

    I nominated you for two awards because I really enjoy your blog and appreciate you sharing your experiences. You can find the rules to accepting the awards here


  22. renxkyoko says:

    The best revenge is living life well

    How true….

    How about ” Don’t get mad, get even “/// It doesn’t mean anything nasty… just live life better than the one who offended you.

    Cheers !

  23. Most “know it alls” are “know it nones” in my opinion. It’s hard to get a good world perspective when your head is shoved so firmly up your backside.

    I agree with what Ren said about living life well. Nothing makes a person seethe more than to see that not only do you not giving a crap about what they have to say, but that you’re better off without them.

    Cheers to your fabulousness!

  24. nicole marie story says:

    love this! a little dose of ayn rand’s ‘atlas shrugged’ is sure to make you feel less alone in your fight to do what you want, how you want, and when you want (even if it’s a mistake, hehe). 😉 xxx

  25. trjensen says:

    I nominated you for an award; you’ll find the rules here:


  26. Love a femme who roars – saw your comment on My Inner Chick and had to visit you here.

    Sometimes people can “help” us to death, can’t they?

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Hi Beverly and nice to meet you.
      You know sometimes people can help too much even though they’re really just “helping themselves”. Thanks for popping in and I hope you visit again 🙂

  27. The Hook says:

    I LOVE that title!

  28. Sabina Brave says:

    I agree, that “the best revenge is living life well”.

  29. Great post. If everyone followed this: “To each their own and MYOB when it comes to my business.” The world would be a better place…..and this can’t be said any better:”Anyway, a fellow crazy chick once said that the best revenge is living life well … and I do. I live on my own terms because I threw out the cookie cutter of life years ago.” Good job. Write on!

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