Crazy Chick Q & A #24

This week, meet Inside the Mind of Isadora:

Why are you a Crazy Chick?

I subscribed to “Crazy Chicks” mainly because I know “Crazy.” I figured I could relate with the format and go about speaking my mind without being judged. My formative years were marked by a very ill Mother. I will not call her crazy out of respect.

Describe your blog in three words.

Spiritual – Creative – Diverse

What is the title of your favorite post? Why?

Favorite Post – I have several that are my favorites. It’s difficult to choose.

1.  “I was the Child”

2.  “I Will Not Tell”  

Why ??? – I think the stories speak for themselves.

If you could eat one food item for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Potato Chips – the saltier the better.

Why??  –  I guess it’s because I used to buy potato chips and ice cream, with my running errands for neighbors money, as a small child. The sweet and salty tastes are yummy.

Do you prefer to cook or eat out?

Prefer to cook – I love cooking and entertaining with my varied mental recipes; no measuring for me. So far, everyone leaves extremely satiated and begging for a return invite. ~~~ : -)

Describe your fashion style.

Artsy Fartsy – Yup – I am creative in how I put myself together all the time without even trying. I was voted best dressed in my Tai Chi class and wasn’t thinking about what I was putting on that morning. I was made aware of it when a discussion started about my outfits in class.   ~~~ : – )

Define the word sexy.

Sexy – deep dark chocolate eyes looking into mine and leading me to his heart with them. Sensual goes along with sexy so it’s his hot breath on my neck as he whispers words that tell me more about the doors opening in his heart.

What’s your favorite: book, movie, music and television show?

Book – This is difficult as I like many. It’s like children – can you choose one???  If I must ….

“The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks – because it’s about love. I hated the movie. It didn’t do the book justice.

“The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” by Carson McCullers – intense page turner. A deeply felt story on every page.

Movie – Moulin Rouge – I love the music and the love story.

Music – I enjoy all types of music. It depends on what I’m doing. Cleaning the house requires a different type of music then dancing does. Yes – I do dance at home for no reason because it makes me feel blissful.

Television Show –

Weeds – the series – a fascinating look into the world of marijuana in the suburbs. My sister turned me onto the show. She lives in a community just like that in California and says it happens all the time. Interesting … !!!!

Grey’s Anatomy – I love McDreamy – and medical jargon.

What makes you mad?

Lying makes me mad. It makes my skin feel prickly all over. I can always feel when someone is lying to me.

What makes you happy?

Dancing makes me happy. Dancing in the arms of a strong man makes me happier. It’s very, very romantic.

I must add a walk on the beach – feeling the sun radiating through my body.

What makes you sad?

It makes me sad when I’m misjudged. When I meet someone for the first time, they think I’m stuck-up. Far from it, it’s about my being shy until I get to know you.

What’s your favorite color?

Red … it’s a power color but I adore all colors. They are festive and cheery.

What are you most grateful for in this world?

I am most grateful for being alive. I flat lined a few years ago and was brought back from the wondrous white light realm. I was told to go back I wasn’t cooked yet. I have been living a grateful and caring life ever since. My goal every day is to touch hearts with all in my daily life with kind and gentle words.

What is the one achievement that makes you the most proud?

Proudest Achievement – is that I ran and continue to run a successful jewelry and metal arts sculpture business. It saved us from losing everything we owned.

If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would change? 

One thing from my past that I would change is being a Mother. It isn’t a job, my children think, I did well. I did my best but , I guess, it wasn’t good enough. I don’t like to fail.

What would you do if you were a man (anatomically correct) for a day?

If I were a man anatomically correct for one day – I would look for the genie that played this terrible trick on me. Men have a hard life. They have to be providers, hunters, gatherers and all the while sex has the front position of their minds. It’s torture to be a man.

If you had super powers, what would it be and why?

Super Powers – I would want to have the super powers to create lush vegetables gardens everywhere and on every barren land so people would not starve from hunger. It is so sad to see children suffering and emaciated from lack of food.

What is your dream job?

Dream Job – working at a Museum in Italy surrounded by the Great Masters.

Share 3 non-Wordpress sites that you just can’t live without. And tell us why.

MMmmm … I don’t have any.

Describe your craziest day.

Craziest Day – the day I heard disturbing and evil news on my answering machine from one of my daughters. I collapsed; slept for three days; didn’t eat or drink until my dear husband picked me up (literally) and drove us to IHOP. It’s a breakfast restaurant. I walked in with my pajamas on and matted hair.

What would you do if today were your last day on earth?

On the last day on earth I’d eat everything I wanted and can’t have now because I have food allergies and dietary restrictions. Then, I would lie in the arms of the man I love and absorb every bit of his touch and scent so I could take it with me.


Thanks Isadora.  Stay tuned next week for another installment of the Crazy Chick Q and A.

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26 Responses to Crazy Chick Q & A #24

  1. Really thoughtful responses! She also has a different vibe from the other Crazy Chicks featured recently. I like that you mixed it up!

  2. k8edid says:

    I personally have seen some of Isadora’s jewelry and her husband’s metal art sculpture, and both are gorgeous. Someday, soon I hope, we might meet for a cup of tea or just some good laughs. She will be easy to pick out – she will be the glamorous one. I will be easy to spot, I will be the low-maintenance one!!!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I hope the two of you connect someday!!!! That would make me feel soooo good 🙂 Oh and don’t forget to take pics. Hey, I’m low maintenance too … at least I like to think so 🙂 Thanks for visiting k8edid.

  3. Thanks for choosing me to be interviewed for your CC – Q & A ..
    it was an honor for me.
    I’m so pleased with Jen and Tonic’s comment, i love being different and having a different vibe.
    I feel that’s what makes me Isadora.
    I, too , want to meet up with K8edid. We live so close and yet are still to connect. One of these days we will be sippin’ that cup of tea. Pix to follow, for sure.
    This has been fun … thanks again …
    Isadora ~~~ : – )

  4. Aurora, HSP says:

    I love Isadora! And I love you! Thanks, LFR, glad to be part of such a wonderful Crazy Chicks Club xo

  5. **Sexy – deep dark chocolate eyes looking into mine and leading me to his heart with them**

    I like that sentence. You had me on Chocolate. x

  6. Reblogged this on Inside the Mind of Isadora and commented:
    For those of you who haven’t had enough info about me – here is an interview I had with Lahemmeroar from Crazy Chicks.
    It was an honor to have been asked.
    Thank you,

  7. Pingback: Inside the Mind of Isadora

  8. This was a great interview. I think your answer about super powers was so amazing. You have such a big heart and seem ever so lovely!

    • I think we’ve stop being kind and caring to others. Feeding people who are hungry
      is gratifying. We give Thnanksgiving food items for a family to make their dinner
      every year. It’s our way of giving back to those who do not have anything on that
      special day. It’s the way it should be. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and hope
      to continue to make your acquaintance along the blog world.

  9. Isadora, I thought your answer to how you would spend your last day on earth was really touching. It sounds like you have a good man.
    I like to make jewelry out of pieces I find in thrift stores and garage sales. I’d love to see what you’ve designed. Where do I find it?

  10. Izzy’s the best. You have collected one powerful group of women here, Laff!

  11. Phil says:

    I’ve always liked Isadora, right from the very start with little information. These thoughtful responses explain and reinforce why I initially felt that way. Awesome.

    If I might ask Isadora, have you written about that flatline experience? If not, would you be willing to share a little more information? It’s not every day you meet someone who has been through that kind of experience.

    • Well, Phil … I had started to write about that particular experience a while back.
      It may have been to recent for me because I never finished it. You may have given
      me reason to go back and review what I did and complete it.
      Appreciate your good words about me. Thanks ….

  12. Jamie Dedes says:

    Good choice in Isadora. Appreciate getting to know her a bit better.

    Well done! 🙂

  13. hawleywood40 says:

    Glad to “meet” you Isadora, and love your responses to these questions! I used to eat ice cream and potato chips all the time. Now that I’ve been reminded of the duo, I’m predicting a grocery store stop in my near future : )!

    • Hhahaaahaa … I refrain from doing it because of calories and lactose intolerance.
      I have sherbert instead. It is not the same. There are times I just throw caution to
      the wind usually on my birthday. I pay dearly for it. I spend my time very close to
      a rest room. ~~~~~ : – ) BUT – have a few quarts for me. I’ll eat the chips and watch.
      I’m glad to make you aquaintance.

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