We have the Crazy Chick Q & A every Thursday.

Today, I introduce to you something new at the CCC–The Crazy Chick of the Week.

I will browse through posts from various members of the Crazy Chicks Club and choose a CC who has posted an inspiring or entertaining article.

This week’s Crazy Chick of the Week is Aurora Morealist. I absolutely loved her post titled “

“Broken or Choice? Adults “Can” Choose… I Do”. One can’t go through life without experiencing obstacles and negativity from others. We can either be victims or empowered survivors. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about click on her article and find out.

**We are Crazy Chicks and we’re loving our insanity because laughing at the malfunction of the universe is better than crying about it. 

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  1. aeliusblythe says:

    Cool. I’m way behind in keeping up with a lot of my favorite blogs–just not getting a ton of reading time. This’ll be like a road map to the best posts!

    One question: will you take recommendations?

  2. Gosh … I love Aurora’s blog. It’s always filled with so many interesting things.
    The versatility is outstanding. Ssoooo … Crazy Chicks are cool – what a 60’s word.
    How embarrassing …!!! ~~~~ : – )

  3. Great choice! Janice is prolific and versatile. She deserves the shout-out.

  4. WOW – just read Auroro’s post. It is remarkable. It’s a must read.
    I hope a great many go to her blog and read it.

  5. Aurora is an awesome crazy chick!! 😀 congrats to her! I love her blog too – highly recommended!!

  6. Oh! LFR! I thanked you on my pages but didn’t realize you went to so much trouble. So glad to have inspired a feature Crazy Chick, lol. Humbled by all your recognition and kind words above, everyone, you are all so wonderful to blog with. Such fun, so talented and soooo crazy, love all of you 🙂 Thanks again, LFR, you rock.

  7. I love this blog!! What an awesome idea. I’m a crazy chick and I’m proud.

  8. PD Williams says:

    I’d never read Aurora Morealist before — thank you for leading me there!!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Oh I’m so glad you found her!!!!!!!!!!! She’s very sweet and awesome and a CC! I need to catch up on the CC of the Week. I have two CCs that I need to feature 🙂

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