Don’t Ever Mess With a Crazy Chick

There once was a crazy chick named Sally

Who encountered a man in an alley

He grabbed her to say

You’ll give me my way

And there’s nothing you can do to stop me

Shocked and dismayed all poor Sally could say

Was please let me go, please give me my way

But he threw her around

And her tush hit the ground

While he began to unbutton his trousers

How dare he she thought expose his wee Schlong

To a chick who hadn’t had it so long

She got up on her feet

And proceeded to beat

His poor “wee” for looking like an “itty-bitty teat”

If that’s all you’ve got then you’re shit out of luck

It’s so ugly and small it looks like a schmuck

Don’t ever assume

You can act like a goon

To a crazy chick you encounter today

For she just might be as crazy as you

With a bunch of crazy chicks in her crew

You’ll be the victim today

So don’t bother to pray

For you’ll be six-foot under by dawn

She whistled aloud and out came her brood

Of Crazy Chicks in a Schlong slaying mood

They grabbed him with glee

But he could not flee

His strength could not match their insanity

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© 2011 Lafemmeroar

About Lafemmeroar
Writer, blogger, humorist. Visit my blog to know more :)) Laughing at the malfunction of the universe is better than crying about it.

7 Responses to Don’t Ever Mess With a Crazy Chick

  1. Rotflmao! You never disappoint! I could just see the poor smucks face, all these crazy chicks after his schlong!

    Btw never did get that email?

  2. The Hook says:

    You rock, do you know that?

  3. Lol…my daily giggle…

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