Confessions of a Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving and turkeys are fearing for their lives again!

Before they’re roasted, deep fried, trussed and dressed these big birds make a pilgrimage to Fowlutopia, home of the St. Cluck Cathedral, a place where turkeys who want to go to Fowl Heaven will confess and be absolved of their sins.

Father Jack Turkey (FJT) who has been listening to turkey confessions is breaking his silence. What Father Jack Turkey knows about his own kind has been kept a secret from the human population but I’ve got the exclusive interview here:

Lafemme: You were recently involved in a scandal that caused your removal from St. Cluck. Can you tell us about that?

FJT: I was caught cross-species fornicating with a chicken. There’s a chicken coop next to the cathedral and a chickadee enticed me. It’s not natural to be abstinent so it’s just as well that St. Clucks let me go. At least I didn’t commit a Turducken.

Lafemme: What’s a turducken?

FJT: That’s a threesome between a turkey, a chicken and a duck. How do you think Paula Deen came up with the recipe? She loves going to Fowlutopia and she’s a dirty birdy ’cause she loves watching us do it. That day she saw a threesome … er she saw the Turducken happening behind the bushes at the dairy farm.

Lafemme: What other naughty turkey news can you share?

FJT: There are lots of Eggophelia going on. That’s when a turkey steals turkey eggs. It’s a rampant fetish among the turkey population.

Lafemme: And what do the turkeys do with the eggs?

FJT: Sitting on eggs gets them in the mood to gobble and cockle.

Lafemme: Do you believe that eating a turkey can make one sleepy?

FJT: Absolutely! We had a grain and nut shortage here about ten years ago. Fowlutopia was starving so some heathen turkeys took it upon themselves to eat other turkeys. A confessor once told me that if two-legged folks can eat us then we must taste pretty good. So there was rampant turkey-nibalism going on.

Lafemme: But what does eating your own kind have to do with sleepiness? 

FJT: Well, the “turkeynibals” were all taking really long naps in the afternoons, which made the Chief of Turkey Police suspicious and sure enough the dozers were the ones eating the other turkeys because a bunch of them were caught sleeping by the pond next to bits and pieces of fire-roasted turkey. Plus, the perpetrators had “wild turkey breath” which was the true giveaway of their guilt.

Lafemme: What was the sickest turkey confession you’ve ever heard?

FJT: This one is more sad than it is sick. A young turkey once confessed that he fell in love with a stuffed turkey.

Lafemme: By stuffed do you mean he fell in love with a roasted turkey?

FJT: No he fell in love with a turkey that had been stuffed by a taxidermist. It was a case of turknecrophelia. It’s rare but it happens.

Lafemme: Well that is disturbing.

FJT: This young turkey began to stalk the object of his affection and when the feelings weren’t returned he committed turkeycide.

Lafemme: Oh that is sad.

FJT: The taxidermist found him, stuffed him and now he’s displayed next to the object of his affection at the Gobbledegook Museum.

Lafemme: What is the biggest misconception humans have about turkeys?

FJT: People think we’re dumb. We’re not dumb. Think about this–chickens and ducks get eaten all throughout the year. At least we’re smart enough to limit human consumption of our species to once a year. We only have to worry about you folks on Thanksgiving.

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16 Responses to Confessions of a Turkey

  1. This was priceless. You crazy. I love it.

  2. Too funny. I’d rather laugh at turkeys than eat them! 🙂

  3. The Hook says:

    You are crazy and I love it too!

  4. Turducken Threesome. I think I have a video of that somewhere. LOL Great post.

  5. LOL! Priceless. It’s also the time of year when otherwise shy and coy family members talk real naughty in the kitchen.

    “Honey, don’t forget to tie the legs together, to keep it nice and moist between those thighs”

    Happy Thanksgiving, Crazy Chicks, hope you all enjoy your day with a lot of laughter and good health, no matter what you eat or drink. 🙂

  6. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Lol! what can I say…
    The next time I cook chicken or turkey the images you evoked will come to mind and I’ll have a little laugh to myself… 😉

  7. Tony McGurk says:

    Hilarious interview. I wasn’t aware of Eggophelia. The farm my father in law works on has some turkeys. I bet they’re into that.

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