Truth about Food Poisoning and Fine Dining

Tell me about your fine dining experience 🙂

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13 Responses to Truth about Food Poisoning and Fine Dining

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    Ctoby … you have the cutest gravatar! 🙂

  2. ctoby says:

    Aw, you are tooo sweet! I did try to make it look like me. You know, if I were 30 years younger with real (as in ‘natural’) red hairs and at the weight I should be if I were 30 years younger and hadn’t had bi-lateral hip replacement at age 52 (yes, I am a little young for that, thank you Osteo-Arthritis, Equal Opportunity Destroyer of cartilage) and could actually MOVE and exercise the way I should and want to. For some exciting info to help you through your fine dining experiences, see “Behind the Kitchen Doors” on my blog, I didn’t post any TRUE HORROR STORIES (I prefer using vague hints and non-sequitors as scare tactics), but anyone who’s ever worked as as waitress and/or busser and if you (not the personal ‘you’ but ‘you’ as in ‘anyone’ that is), have not yet done so, it’s never too late..knows the awful truth about what really happens in there. Seriously. It’ll change you for life.

    [And if someone is stuck on the ‘red hair’ part of the above, NO! the carpet and cuffs don’t match. Anymore. I don’t have time for that much vanity. Think ‘trip to Brazil,’ and click your whatevers together a few times and you’ll have the picture–of someone else! ha! No way am I going through that pain so some dude can rock on his fantasy life. Pffffft! Fuggetaboutit!]

    For years no one wanted to go out to dinner with me. Not that I’m bad company, (okay, well, maybe that was SOME of the reason), but because they didn’t really need the 411 I was giving them on what was probably happening to our food ‘back there,’ the general condition on the dining room (“You can tell this manager doesn’t care. Just LOOK at the disgusting FILTH on this window ledge!”), and so forth. I’m much better now. Electro-shock therapy will do that for you. Look for my Happy Effing Holidays Post, coming very soon to a blog near you. And again, thank you darlin’ for liking my blog. You totally ROCK imo. So pleeeeeeeeease! Rock on. 🙂


  3. tori nelson says:

    In college we were poor and very dumb so we made a habit of eating at the cheapest place in Memphis, a 24-hour breakfast spot. I was definitely served clear eggs one night, like cracked over a plate and served, clear eggs.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      omg! it was so cheap they totally skipped the cooking process? Well at least it wasn’t burned to a crisp. I’ve also eaten in restaurants where the fried chicken tasted like somebody’s foot ’cause the oil was sooooooooo old it was eligible for social security. The best way to eat is to make it yourself (if you can).

  4. Patti Kuche says:

    I can’t even talk about this without getting stomach cramps . . .

  5. My worst meal out wasn’t because of the food–it was the roach that crawled over the back of my booth.

  6. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Ehewwww Lafem,
    That’s disgusting honey…lol! 😉
    I don’t really eat out that much, I’m very fussy and with Lois being a chef, giving me the behind the scenes info…did not fill me with confidence.
    I have done the fine dining thing (portions too small)…but my food horror happened after eating a pizza, from a well known chain.
    I ‘was’ into seafood in a big way in my early 20s but after having a “seafood special” I had a serious bout of food poisoning, confirmed by the doc.
    I later found out that what shellfish eat and how they were the ‘cleaners’ of the sea/sea bed and I stopped eating all forms of shellfish..
    No matter how fancy they may sound, the questionable ‘supposedly’ boost to your sex-drive or their supposed ‘rarity’ or delicacy…I stay away from the shellfish. 😉

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I’ve never had problems with shellfish, but years ago I ate some bad chicken and I was throwing up and feverish for two days! I was poisoned by a clucker! I never ate there again!

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