Here Come the Girls

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 7.24.27 PMHere’s a guest post from my good friend Phil from For Singles and Couples blog. He’s going to share some tips for us Crazy Chicks … ENJOY! 🙂

Here come the girls…

Another year has flown by and for all the highlights and low points which have occurred we’re now back round to ‘holiday season.’
It’s usually a time with emphasis on family, with the women ‘usually’ doing the ‘lion’s share’ of planning and preparation to host family, relatives, in-laws and friends.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and whether you’re going to Times Square or Trafalgar Square, a house party or a club…wherever you plan to spend it, it’s a time when people generally don’t want to be alone.

I have been a regular visitor to the Crazy Chicks Blog and have noticed that the club is not exclusive to the ‘Single’ ladies out there…

If you’re married, try to get out with girlfriends and enjoy yourself…behaving at all times of course.
Just like women, men tend to notice the most confident women in a group.
You don’t have to be loud and wanting the limelight, to exude confidence, however, married women generally do exude confidence, usually because they are not on the look-out and have nothing to prove.
If you are married and going out with a mixed group, enjoy yourself but hang back a bit, let your single friends shine and draw the attention they may want.

Married ladies, as well as getting some time with your friends, encourage your husbands to do the ‘romantic thing’ and get some time together alone, if you have kids, ask family, in-laws, close neighbours to look after them so that you can get some time for yourselves.

It has been a while but I have a good memory, I do remember what is was like to be ‘mate-less’ at this time of the year and wishing I had someone to share it with…I know, it’s mushy, but us men are romantic too. 😉

Single ladies, when you’re getting ready to go out with the girls, remember, try not to let it all ‘hang out’ leave something to the imagination.

  • Try to do some things different this year to get a different result…
  • If you normally drink (and you know what I mean by ‘drink’) to get into that party mood, try to reduce your amount…nobody likes a drunk.
  • Try to stay coherent and alert; it’s more attractive and better for your overall safety.

If you the original, grab the bull by the horns type, try to let go and hang back a bit, some of us love very strong outgoing women (I know I do) but not all men like that, some of us guys like to ‘be the man’ and make the first move.

IScreen shot 2011-06-03 at 6.33.54 PMf you’re the shy and reserved type, don’t force it but be more confident…remember confidence is an attractive quality.

Smile more … 

make eye contact more but don’t do the stalker chick thing…don’t follow a guy around the room with your eyes or literally, he may end up calling security on you.  🙂

Be the best you, you can be, if you love the verbal banter and to have a laugh be the funny girl but allow him to share too, laugh it’s funny but let him politely know when he misses the mark…don’t do the fake laugh thing, it’s better to be honest and tease him about his bad humour than to come across fake.

If you’re usually the girl who gives it up easy, to get something for the night, try something different.
Try not to go past first base, give him something to work towards…you never know come spring he may still with you….

There’s a whole lot more I could share, but for now, I would just say Happy New Year everyone..
Whatever you do, please be safe and enjoy….

Watch out guys…Here come the Crazy Chicks …


Thank you Phil. And Crazy Chicks … make sure you visit Phil and give him a quick hello, a like and a comment. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you 🙂

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17 Responses to Here Come the Girls

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Very nice and sound advice. And protective, too…. and gentlemanly

  2. Great advice. And given with a quick wit! I’m going to work on being a little more confident this year myself… I’m hoping it masks the usual goofiness I display 🙂

  3. I Love your advice about holding back!

    I’ll never forget. Once I asked this girl I know….”HOW the heck do you get so many dates and men following you, calling you, loving you?”

    She said quite simply– “I have a note pasted to my head that says ‘I don’t give a shit’


  4. I liked this post, and think it took some serious bravery to even come on board to a female driven site and give out recommendations to the gals while not forgetting the boys! And good advice at that! It’s important to remember our journey and not forget what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence. And excellent of you to post it Lafemme! And though I would love to say that I’m going to absolutely take the advice. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to stay home and play it safe. So….we’ll keep our fingers crossed for all those out there who are giving it a go! Enjoy yourselves, but by all means, stay safe! Happy New Years!

  5. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    I’m glad you all enjoyed it…
    Whatever you’re doing have fun tonight and please be safe.
    Happy New year to you Lafem and all the Crazy Chicks. 😀

  6. ctoby says:

    Hey Yo Lafemme Happy Effing New Year dudette! I have a picture that you simply MUST have but have no idea how to get it to you, since I am old and simple. Lemme know. Trust me when I say again, you MUST have this illustration. It has CC written all over it. Well, it has other stuff written all over it, but you know what I mean. I can always post it on one of my blogs and you can swipe it. Whatever, like, you know, we old people and invisible women need a lot of direction from you savvy youngsters. I’ll bet there’s even an ’email lafemme’ button somewhere that my poor old senile demented eyeballs can’t see ’cause they’re old, senile and demented.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Can you give me the link? Or better yet post it and I can swipe and link it back to your blog. I’m so curious as to what it looks like. lol … you can get my email by clicking by gravatar! luv ya Carla 🙂

  7. Eric says:

    Nicely done article! I’m sure it helped some Crazy Chicks out there! 🙂 Eric

  8. I think the most attractive thing to do is love yourself and live that love out loud!

  9. Times must have changed. When I was single (pre-1995)….everyone liked the drunk girl.

  10. Pamela Nichols says:

    Being single can be good…going out with girlfriends married or single i enjoy…They tell me men fall out my feet….hmmm I tend to disagree….i don’t want to date just any man….but the right one…someone I have something in common with…

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