A Crazy Chick’s Best Friend

When a man acts like a DOG! The best solution is to

have his own kind turn on him …

Dog bites man

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25 Responses to A Crazy Chick’s Best Friend

  1. Poor man. Possibly he had insulted his wife’s cooking. I love dogs. We had one when the girls were teenagers, and he was magnificently badly behaved. Never viscious, but a good drooller,and could get over familiar with a guests leg if not watched carefully.

  2. Too Funny. This reminds me of the Simpsons “release the hounds” kind of thing.

  3. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha. Oh, that picture. Made my day!

  4. I have an attack … well … he was – now he’s 24.
    ~~~~ : – O

  5. My Scrappy used to growl at my Philip. Now they are fast friends. I guess they both love me and Scrappy knows it!

  6. nancyelauzon says:

    I’ve often wished I owned a bunch of Bloodhounds so I could say that, LOL!

  7. Ahhh LFR, you do know how to put a smile on our face! What a perfectly great fetch toy. We can think of a few to release the dogs on! lol Great pic. Sharing now!

  8. I used to have an attack bird. Now I have a 6 lb. attack dog. I’d probably be better off with a can of mace.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      lol! What kind of dog is it? You know the little ones can be the most “vicious” … but they’re sooooo cute that they can really fool people, but watch out for the bite, the smaller the dog the sharper the teeth sometimes 🙂

  9. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Well Ceaser Milan does say that the pack helps to keep a misbehaving dog in check. 😉
    I do like animals, prefer dogs, not because I am one, it just makes more sense having a dog as a pet as opposed to any other animal (barring fish). lol!

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