Trash Talk in Relationships

The Courting Phase:

Setting: Her apartment.

Time: The first date.

Him: Wow. You look great.

Her: Thanks. Give me a sec. I just need to throw out the trash then we can go.

Him: I’ll do that.

Her: Really? Are you sure?

Him: I don’t mind.

Her: How sweet.

Him: Anytime.

The Relationship Phase:

Setting: The kitchen of their apartment

Time: Morning

She’s making breakfast and he’s reading the papers.

Her: Do you smell something funny?

Him: No. Just your cooking.

Her: I think it’s the trash. Did you throw it out?

Him: (sighs) I forgot. (mumbles to himself) Why can’t she do it once in a while.

She: What did you say?

Him: Nothing honey.

She walks to the table and looks at him.

Him: (He knows he’s not getting any food until the trash is out.) Alright, I’ll do it now.

The Marriage Phase:

Setting: Their house

Time: Dinner

Him: What’s for dinner?

Her: Meatloaf.

Him: By the way, did you do my laundry?

Her: Yes. Did you take out the trash?

Him: I’ll do it after dinner.

Her: I got your laundry done before dinner. Why can’t you do the same?


Her: Well?

Him: Well what?

Her: Trash now!

HIm: (Gives her a nasty look) Food now.

Her: (Pouts) After you throw out the trash.

Him: I’ll do it after dinner.

Her: Well you’re not getting your dinner until the trash is out.

Him: I want my meatloaf now-bitch!

Her: You want your meatloaf? (She goes to the kitchen. Brings out the meatloaf.) You want this?

Him: Yeah I want it now.

Her: You got it. (Goes back in the kitchen and dumps the meatloaf in the trash.) Come and get it!!!

The Divorce Phase: 

Setting: Lawyer’s office

Time: Doom’s day

Her: You lazy no good failure.

Him: You nagging shrew.

Her: I can’t wait to get rid of you and get a real man.

Him: A real man wouldn’t want you–you ice bitch.

Her: I’m keeping the house.

Him: Step one foot in there and I’ll throw you out.

Her: Step one foot in MY house and I’ll have the cops throw YOU out.

Him: I should have left you a long time ago.

Her: You earth worm.

He grabs her neck. She bitch slaps him. They’re rolling on the floor.

(Lawyer calls security.)

Lawyer: Yes, I need a couple of clients thrown out please.

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28 Responses to Trash Talk in Relationships

  1. People fall in love and unfortunately(or fortunately ) out of love as well.

  2. Loved it. Mind you, I’m so greedy I might have grabbed a sneak mouthful of the meat loaf on the way out anyway. It still might be edible.

  3. renxkyoko says:

    Darn it. What is it about men and throwing out trash? Dad is also like that, and I’m not kidding ! ! ! he always forgets to put out the trash for tomorrows pick -up , so we’re always stuck with 2 week accumulated trash. Well, we do it now coz we can’t trust dad to do it. That’s the only chore he ‘s supposed to do around the house. we do the mowing ! !

  4. Ahhhh,
    to bad it couldn’t ALWAYS be the “Courting Phase!” xx

  5. Honestly, what is with men, women and the division of labor? I swear if I am every single again in this life (or any other) I will remain that way…amen.

    This was a perfect depiction!

    (the link for voting ins’t working)

  6. Patti Kuche says:

    Are you still looking to put yourself through all this???

    (I’ve always taken the trash out, and mown the grass . . . 😦 )

  7. Blond Duck says:

    Awww, that’s sad!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      It was especially when the couple got dumped three days before trash day. They had to contend with each other in that very cramped dumpster 😦 Thanks for vising Blond 🙂

  8. Lindi Hlats says:

    This was soooo funny and soooo true!!! I’m think I’m in the Relationship Phase. I wonder why people change their “1st impresssion” habits?

  9. Scoop Jackson..."News 60" says:

    Absolutely funny…and so true! Great post “little roar!”


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