Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you going to a Halloween costume party?

If you’re low on cash, but you still want to WOW your friends with an awesome costume, then take inspiration from these atrocious high-fashion ensembles. 

If you’ve got a pair of black tights and a couple rolls of butcher paper, then you can go as  origami girl.

Origami Chick

Do you have an old bed sheet? Then go as the mystery femme in red–or just use any old bed sheet. All you need is a sheet and a couple of cardboards cut into shoulder pads. Just hang the sheet over your head (make sure you poke holes for the eyes and lips). This costume is perfect if you’re on the shy side. No one will know it’s you unless you tell them.  

Have you recently lost a lot of weight (like say a 100 pounds or so) and you just don’t know what to do with that coat that is just too big for you now? Then go as this fashionably eccentric bag lady. Put that coat on and you’ll look like the queen of skid row.

Here’s a costume that gets a 100% in the cutesy rating. Go as Tinker Bell. All you need is a pair of yellow tights (oh come on–you must have a pair stashed from your 80’s wardrobe) and a tattered 3/4 sleeve nightshirt. Use an old tie or scarf to cinch it around the waist and you can get the feather at your local craft store.

Wanna combine the old with the new? Then go as a space age goddess. For this look, all you need is a 33 gallon plastic trash bag. Cut three holes for your head and arms and you’ve got an instant costume. 

If you are totally broke and you don’t have anything in your wardrobe then this next tip won’t cost you a thing. Be Eve before the fall and just go in your birthday suit. You won’t even need a fig leaf.

Wikimedia Commons–PD-US

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28 Responses to Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Hahaha I can’t believe what they make those poor models wear.

    Your post reminded me of a Halloween party I went to when I was about 24. I went as an Indian Princess and my date went as a green garbage bag, a green garbage bag that was wear nothing else except cowboy boots, cowboy hat and his under shorts. He left his jeans and shirt in my car (I was driving thank God) . As soon as we got there I knew it had been a mistake; I should have known when his costume wasva garbage bags but I’m not known for picking up on red flags.
    Anyway I refused to put my drink down for fear of what might get put in it and tried to have fun. This idiot takes me to a party where I know no one and then takes off outside. I try to find him, how hard can it be to find a guy un a garbage bag? After a half hour I still hadn’t found him so I left. Took his clothes with me.
    I ran into him years later and he said he tried to hitch hike home but had no success and ended up walking home dressed in a garbage bag. I just shrugged. I think he may have learned a lesson, if nothing else to not get 1/2 naked and then piss of the girl who own the car your clothes are in.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      I’m late in responding, but that doesn’t mean I love you any less! Carrie you are a tiara wearing bull dog and I love the malfunctions of your universe because you make “us” laugh with your talent for survival. Did you go as Pocahontas? Was your date in a Jiffy bag? Your story reminds me of a scene from “Sideways” only the dude in the movie had to walk home naked … I think your life would make a great movie 🙂

  2. Phil says:

    OK – now that cracked me up!!! What’s scary though is they (and I have no idea of who “they” are) managed to convince fashion models to walk down the runway in those creations. Given that, I can’t blame the second model for covering up her face…

  3. OMG! I just don’t understand high fashion. Does it mean they were high when designing these atrocities!? I do love that last photo. So much more tasteful than Playboy.

  4. bethteliho says:

    Ha hahahaha!!! You have a valid point!

  5. Bad Ass Post, Lafemme as always. I’d go as Eve but they’d probably mistake me for the blob! LOL. I went to a Halloween Party in the early nineties we’re the hosts demanded homemade costumes and something never seen or rarely seen. One of my fav’s was our friend Wes who belted a big branch fitted just over his chest. He wore a baggy shirt over it so all you seen was the branches behind his head sprouting up. Then he hung rubbers all over them and said he was a rubber tree. One girl (blonde) Tina, came as herself. Well, at least that’s what we thought. She was dressed normal no makeup or mask. Then we noticed she was carrying a diploma and she told us she was a smart blonde. I love it when people put some thought behind their costumes. This post was fun!! And a fantastic theme for the holidays. Sharing now!

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Hi Crazy Chicks! Much love to the both of you. I’ve been away, but as usual I’m back. OMG on rubber tree dude…how clever:) And your blonde friend was indeed very smart … but she broke the rules … I don’t think the paper diploma was home made or was it? 🙂 As always I always love your Crazy Chicks support … you guys keep me keeping on!

  6. I’m searching the thrift shops for a pizza chain worker’s shirt. But then everyone would think I’m the pizza delivery guy. Good goof.

  7. LOL You never fail to make me laugh!

  8. I am thinking, nah that would just be wrong. How about if that is the best the designers have I will just stay home.

    The best I ever did was one year I went as a brick and my date went as a brick layer. Cheap and simple.

  9. The red lady scared the poop out of me…

  10. Cute finds! I love the Origami chick…..worry about paper cuts though

  11. I thought I commented yesterday so won’t again, maybe its still in moderation either that or I am going senile.

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