Christmas Gifts Santa Won’t Give …

I know … it’s a little early to think about

Christmas Consumerism, but what the hell!

This is one gift Santa won’t be giving out this holiday season.

What do you want for Christmas?

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5 Responses to Christmas Gifts Santa Won’t Give …

  1. Totally true to life too!! Luv the post Lafemme!! I really haven’t given much thought to what I wanted, trying to focus on what I’m picking up for my family & few friends. But….IF I was allowed to make a dream Xmas list. I guess it would go something like this. I would like David Grohl (Nirvana Years) delivered to me by Santa in my stocking. (well…yes, it’s a leap but it’s Christmas for God sakes. The time of miracles.) #2: Tom Hardy sitting under my tree with nothing but a red bow. And, of course… peace!
    Seeing how Inion’s unable to answer as she is at her job right now checking out happy-holiday-shoppers, I will go ahead & give her dream Xmas list. (knowing her like I do, I’m quite sure it will be spot on) Although there’s been much talk about her lust over Adam Levine. I know that deep down, there is but one whose kept her eye for six years. And she would trade him in a heartbeat for a 6’4″ Swedish Vampire, by name of Alexander Skarsgard. She’s had a thing for him for the past six years & secretly prays we hit fame with our books so she can date him!! Sorry Inion but you know it’s true!! Well now those aren’t too farfetched…..are they?! Yes we’re women of modest wants. Thx Lafemme, it was nice to dream if but for a second.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Oh… dreams of “Man Candy” … for me it’s Keany Reeves wrapped up (so he can’t escape) and waiting for me to “open him up” on Christmas morning. Now that’s a gift that will keep on giving so long as he’s tied up… hmm… I think my noodle just wandered off to a place it shouldn’t be…

  2. Are you sure about that one? I am not.

  3. At my age you just ask for another Christmas.

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