Crazy Chick Cafe–Mean Man: Episode 1

Hello dear readers. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be starting a new cartoon series titled “Crazy Chick Cafe.” If you’re wondering about the title, the answer is easy–I love to eat and I love to cook. Image all he havoc I can cause when exacting revenge using simple kitchen tools and my twisted noodle. 🙂

crazy chick cafe 1.1

crazy chick cafe 1.2

crazy chick cafe 1.3crazy chick cafe 1.4

Your comment will make me feel really good.

So come on and give me a happy ending! 🙂

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16 Responses to Crazy Chick Cafe–Mean Man: Episode 1

  1. he he he. All good things come to he who waits !

  2. Beth Teliho says:

    In sperm sauce? YES. Brilliant. I’d hate to be on your bad side when eating at your restaurant though!! lol

  3. Eric says:

    I was with you till you threw the rubber in… OMG that pic will be staying in my mind. There will be no lunch today… Already lost it!

  4. Well I certainly hope you washed your hands and used sanitary tableware.

  5. The Crazy Chick Café?! Brilliant! Are you booked solid yet? Reservations necessary? LOL. Loving this. Lafemme. Food and justice always go well together. Chef Lafemme should so be a super-heroine. Righting wrongs and exacting punishments with her delicacies.

  6. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    He broke the gold rule…
    Never upset those who are preparing your food. 😉

  7. robinox19 says:

    I was a chef and a waitress so I can relate to this very funny animation. Love it!!

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