Kids are sweet when they lie

I asked my 12-year-old nephew if he will still let me kiss him and pinch his cheeks when he’s 30. He gave me a WTF look, but he nodded his head and said yes. What man, at the prime of life would want an old crazy chick pinching his cheeks in front of a “chickadee”? But he couldn’t hurt my feelings. Kids are so sweet when they lie …

In trying to get my niece and nephew to eat more vegetables, I gave them a tall glass of spinach and parsley smoothie. When I asked them if it was good, they both chimed in and said “it’s really good Auntie Lafemme” even though they both looked like they were about to HURL. But they drank it all up anyway 🙂 Kids are so sweet when they lie …

I asked my niece if she’d prefer to sleep in on Saturday or go to the farmer’s market with me at 8am. I got another WTF look, but told her that it would be a good “bonding” experience for us since I don’t get to see her too often. She sighed and said, “I sleep too much anyway.” Kids are so sweet when they lie …

The kids caught me shaking my tush to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” I heard a few chuckles and gasps … I guess my dance moves weren’t up to par with the young folks, but I kept going until the song ended. Then I took a deep breath and asked them if they thought their Auntie Lafemme was a good dancer. After a long pause, the oldest niece (16) looked me in the eye and said “You are for someone your age.” Then I asked her if she would like for me to teach her some of my crazy dance moves. She said, “I’m too shy to shake my butt like that.” Kids are so sweet when they lie …

Then I asked the younger ones if they thought their Auntie Lafemme is crazy, the littlest one (5 years old) said “I think you’re a crazy chick.” Kids are so sweet when they lie … BUT THEY ARE FREAKIN’ AWESOME WHEN THEY TELL THE TRUTH! 🙂

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9 Responses to Kids are sweet when they lie

  1. Laura Rogers says:

    That is such a wonderful story. Kids are the best.

  2. bethteliho says:

    Aw so sweet! I bet that smoothie was good, and I know you can dance, gurl. 🙂

  3. They were so kind. Weren’t they ?
    I feel so old when I shake it up in front of my grand kids but they always say I look cool. I know I don’t but it’s still nice to hear. XO

  4. Okay, I want that smoothie, girl! 😉 Kids are great and provide so much inspiration and creativity to those that recognize their potential. I grew up in an area that liked to quiet children and keep them in their rooms silent and obedient, but Mathair loosed my opinions, creativity and individuality and always promoted that I be self-aware, self confident and unafraid to share my thoughts while being respectful to others. You are just as awesome as she and I totally wish I would’ve had an aunt that fed me spinach and parsley smoothies and danced to Madonna. You rock as a Crazy Chick Aunt.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Thanks Inion 🙂 I try to introduce the kids to new things… it doesn’t always work. They just think I’m crazy. I’m a kid just like them. I think the two of you have an awesome mother daughter relationship. It’s just wonderful how the two of you work and create together and inspire each other to be the best you can be!

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