The Art of Aging Gracefully

Rotting Aging isn’t a bad thing. There are perks in getting older such as wisdom, AARP membership and young folks believing what you say because they think you’ve been there and done that. Getting older isn’t a negative thing at all. So it’s important to age with grace. Here’s how:

10 tips to aging gracefully:

  1. If you’re going to lie about your age, make sure you look the age you claim to be.
  2. Be sexy not slutty. There’s nothing worse than watching a mature woman act like a “ho” past her prime.
  3. It’s about quality not quantity. One awesome candle on your birthday cake is better than creating a fire hazard.
  4. Don’t go broke on anti-aging products. They really don’t work; if they did then plastic surgeons would be out of business.
  5. Don’t dress like a tween if you grew up using the words keen or groovy.
  6. Look beyond the wrinkles, the age spots and the grays. Now is the time to look at inner beauty. If you’re a terrible person, then sorry Chick … I can’t help you.
  7. Be young at heart, old in wisdom and a sex fiend at any age.
  8. Don’t embarrass your kids by trying to be hip. There’s nothing worse than a parent trying to bond with kids by acting like a kid.
  9. Don’t recapture your old glory days. Create your glory day today … everyday
  10. Tell your stress to go to hell.

How do you age gracefully?

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22 Responses to The Art of Aging Gracefully

  1. totsymae1011 says:

    I don’t think about age all that much. It thinks of me when I sit in an awkward position and have to move in slow motion to get up. It forces me to take naps, talk about what I ate throughout the day or maybe when I see somebody older who I could possibly look like down the road. It’s all good though. Just keep smiling and living is how I look at age, for the most part.

  2. Coming from someone who is turning 60 in May, the good things about getting older outweigh the bad. The best part is watching my kids raising their own kids and realizing that at some point I must have done something right. The worst part of getting older? Gravity.

  3. I love this!! I don’t lie about my age, though. I just accept others’ assumptions about my age : ) (This is Latanya by the way)

  4. Dang, suddenly single and now you tell me.

  5. Hell yeah Lafemme! Put into Crazy Chick terms! Luv this list and can relate to more than three! lmao~ funny enough #8 brought back memories of the movie: “Mean Girls” and Amy Poehler’s role as Mrs. George! lol Sharing this now 😉 ❤

  6. Patti Hall says:

    My new not-time-for-a-bucket-list-yet! list. Every point is perfect and I will try to stop rapping with my adult children now…I thought they were looking at me strangely. Now I know why. Thanks,

  7. Someone once said about women aging gracefully, “The older you are, the more expensive your casual clothes have to be.” I’d simply add. “Look at the rear view in the mirror before you go out in those shorts.”
    Gotta love that # 9 and #10!
    Nicely done!

  8. My secret is to avoid mirrors, and not pay any attention to it. as long as you can dance badly life is rewarding in my book

  9. Eric says:

    I age gracefully by remembering where I am, where I want to be, and where I have already taken the time machine on my trip back to the future…

  10. themofman says:

    Very sharp! 😀

    My wife and I took her parents out for dinner last night, and her father, in his 80’s, rushed ahead and fell on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant. Being on blood thinners, he bled quite a bit from small cuts on his finger tips. He was a trooper but the whole time I kept thinking about how his pride must have been hurt.

    When we brought them home, he apologized to me for falling, as though he had done something wrong. He’s an old man, these things tend to happen. I don’t want him to feel ashamed of himself, and he complains often about growing old. I prefer to see people growing old gracefully, and the restof us having a healthy respect for that experience that we’ll all go through if we live long enough.

    This post improves at least my spirits about it all. Thank you. Now I’m going to give my mother a call.

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Oh thank you very much. You father-in-law sounds like a terrific man! Your comment touched me … I think it’s because as our bodies age … we (at least for some) don’t lose what’s best in us. We might forget, but it’s always there. Thank you for visiting me. Your comment really made my morning. Happy 4th!

  11. I am a new visitor to your site. I am enjoying. Age is a mind set, right? when I’m asked how old I am I usually have to figure the math. When I was in my fourties, I felt like 20 something. Now I’m in my fifties and well, I don’t feel 20 something (damn hormones) but I’m proud to still be here and will tell it like it is (55, thankyou!)

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Hi Ivy. It’s been such a long time since I’ve visited my own blog and I’m so happy to see your comment even though I’m a bit over a month late in responding. I’m glad this post on aging “spoke to you.” And yes, age is a mind set and I’ve always believe that I’m still a “mental 12-year-old” even though I tend to hide that fact rather well in polite company. Enjoy your age because the one thing that comes with the years is wisdom…sure we’re still foolish, but we can be a lot smarter at it!!!!

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