10 Signs That He’s Mr. Wrong

man dorkHere are 10 signs that say the guy you’re with is NOT the guy for YOU:

  1. The word “commitment” isn’t in his vocabulary: But he knows how to say “no strings sex” and “I need to see other people” in 5 different languages

  2. He’s still looking for himself: If he’s lost, then you’ll never find love with him.

  3. He’s exactly like your ex-boyfriend: This one is a no-brainer … DUH!

  4. His words don’t match his actions: He says you’re the only woman for him, while his eyes fixate on the blonde bombshell and her knockers.

  5. You don’t speak the same language: You say potato–he says potaTOH. You say relationship–he says bootie call. Oh just call the whole thing off.

  6. Mother issues: If he’s a mama’s boy, then he’ll never be your man. 

  7. He keeps telling you that he’s not ready for a commitment: Believe him … believe him … believe him. Denial is a woman’s worst enemy.

  8. You’re always apologizing: Love means never having to say you’re sorry 100% of the time. He’s got to be wrong sometimes. 

  9. You’ve never seen him on weekends: Unless he works on those days, chances are that he’s working on someone else.

  10. He still hates his EX: Hate and love are very close emotions … ya never know when that hate is going to end up in angry (LET’S GET BACK TOGETHER) sex with the ex. 

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17 Responses to 10 Signs That He’s Mr. Wrong

  1. Eric says:

    It looks like Obama is definitely Mr. Wrong! 😉

  2. totsymae1011 says:

    All of those are true. I’m not sure if guys even use the word “commitment”. I think that word is mostly used by therapists and women. When men introduce you to their friends as their woman, girlfriend or whatever term is used, that’s when you know it’s a committed relationship. However, you kinda need to know that before intros if you’re thinking he’s got too many red flags.

  3. Men, how to tell she’s not for you.
    1. Asks “What are you thinking about?” six times a day.
    2. Says “We need to change your entire wardrobe”
    3. Thinks her feelings, church, children and fixing porch door screen is more important than baseball game or fishing.
    4. Remembers birthday of everyone she’s ever met and spends money on cards and presents.
    5. Makes list of your financial assets right down to your lucky penny and has divorce lawyer on retainer.
    6.Takes 5 hours to shop for intended six items, two hours to get ready to go out and thinks her meatloaf is to die for.
    7. Thinks 70% of what you own is junk and can be discarded and even threw out your fish scale collection while you were at work.
    8. Thinks weekends are for “being with family”.
    9. Thinks women’s issues more important than global warming and environmental disregard.
    10. Her things take up 90 % of closet space.

  4. I’ve dated that guy!! Luckily, I married a wonderful man who is the exact opposite! Where did you get that picture! It’s hilarious! 🙂

  5. pinoy says:

    Exactly like ex-bf is the best one! It means you are going in circles.

  6. nancyelauzon says:

    LOL Love this, and sooooo true!

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