Unintentional Sexual Thoughts


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I’m single and dateless, that also means I’m “sexless.” But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. In fact I think more about sex when I’m not getting it. I think about sex multiple times a day–hell multiple times an hour and sometimes multiple times a minute when I have my quickie thoughts.

I can be teary-eyed while cutting up an onion, but my mind will be engrossed with thoughts about scorching the sheets with some hot fantasy male. In fact I’m thinking about sex now. I think about sex so much that I’ve suffered many embarrassing 

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3 Responses to Unintentional Sexual Thoughts

  1. I’m no help. I deal with the same. The only time it becomes a problem is when it’s someone I shouldn’t be thinking of (e.g. a friend’s husband), out of the sheer awkwardness. But, usually, I grin it away, waiting for the next fantasy to say hello.

  2. OMG Lafemme. I thought Mathair and I were the only ones. Hahaha. I’ll be turning thirty in June and most of my friends are married with a few kids while I remain unmarried and single. They talk about sex like it’s a chore while I think about it so much I borderline obsessive. I talked to Mathair about it and she said it was perfectly normal and that some women just have higher sex drives than others. Turns out Mathair’s side of the family has a tendency to give the chicas one healthy sexual appetite. Great post! 😀

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