Thoughts from a Stir Crazy Noodle

I’m a crazy chick with a noodle that just won’t stop ticking. It’s like the Ever Ready Bunny on hyperdrive … but where it’s going is anybody’s guess. Here are some examples of how my stir-crazy noodle works … Enjoy

Symptoms of Brain Damage

a scrambled brain can be a good thing …

Inventive thoughts … from a Crazy Chick

I love the vid at the end of this post …

The Shame and the Pleasure

this one is orgasmic in a PG-13 sort of way …

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My Funny Insanity

Here are some previous posts you may have missed. Enjoy … 

Meditation schmeditation: I know a better way to relax: A very effective way to release the tension.

Questions I asked Mommy and Daddy: I asked lots of questions, but in retrospect I don’t think I ever got any straight answers.

The Horny Pooch and My Wardrobe Malfunction: This one you just have to read!

Translations at the Nail Salon: Sometimes it’s best not to know what other people are talking about.

Confessions of a former snooper: Have you ever snooped and wished that you hadn’t?

Don’t Flirt on my Time: This post depicts customer service at its worst.

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Awesome Lists from a Crazy Chick

This is the wisdom that emanates from my noodle …

Things a Virgin Would Say

I was a virgin once and I did say some of these things … can you guess which?

Quotes from a M.I.L.K. 

If you’ve heard any of these lines from your man, then give a hoot about someone else …

5 Ways to Repel a Man Read more of this post

Humorous articles that will cheer you up

I knew my life was crazy and my noodle is certainly certifiable. I never thought others would get a chuckle out of my misadventures. So here’s a list of some of my early posts … Enjoy:

Bread, Expansion and Cleaning: You just need to read this …

Proud to be a Bitch:  I am aren’t you?

Hot Yoga Doritos and Stinky Cutie: This is why exercise is not my favorite pastime …

Food Fetish of my Blind Date: There are foodies and there are Food Freaks …

Blind Dating Tips: Every single crazy chick needs to know these fool-proof tips …

The Mind can be a Terrible Thing to Use: Some noodles just need to be retired …

Sticking a Poker on the Groper: Dudes have been sticking it to “us” for years …it’s their turn.

Single and Hating It?: This is why I hate strangers … 

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