Crazy Freaks Club Official Theme Song

The Crazy Freaks Club needs an official theme song and our member Lizzie Cracked of Running Naked with Scissors blog showed her awesome freakiness by suggesting these three videos.

Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite vid and make it OFFICIAL! Read more of this post

You don’t have to be a star to deserve my love

I often wonder when and where I’ll fall in love gain and with whom. 

In retrospect, I’ve always fallen in love with smart men who made me laugh. Oh, they made me cry as well, (I wouldn’t be human if I’ve never cried over love) and I suspect that when I find my “true love,” the gamut of emotions I experience will include a few tears, but lots of laughter and joy.

He won’t be perfect, but he’ll be wonderful in my eyes. He won’t be a rocket scientist, but he’ll understand my complexities. He won’t be rich, but he’ll be full of sweetness and light. He won’t be famous, but I’ll know Read more of this post

What a Wonderful World Full of Troubles


I checked my  bank account and saw how poor I am. I can save some money by not shopping … for food.. Good news is that I needed to go on a diet anyway.

I poured sour milk on my cereal. It’s a good thing I noticed the clumps before I started eating. 

I ran out of shampoo and washed my hair with soap. My hair is now nice and Read more of this post

Best Revenge Songs by Women

There’s no such thing as turning the other cheek when someone’s done you wrong. Sweet revenge is orgasmic. Read more of this post

Reality makes me crazy

I live in the lala-land of my mind. Although I need to face the realities of a malfunctioning universe thinking about it just makes me crazy. Here’s why: 

As we get older and wiser we get wrinklier and forgetful.

The advancement of technology only means more tech FAILS.

The world keeps going round and round, which is why we’re all dazed and confused.

An over-populated world makes it hard to find my “one and only.”

There are too many ways to have sex Read more of this post

I Love this Sweet Transvestite

If you’ve read my latest short story “Man from Malutopia–A Story of Genital Proportions” then perhaps you’ve read some of the comments from my dear readers and what inspired this story–gender neutrality and gender bending. I’ve had a strange fascination about this subject for years and it started when I first saw “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in my sophomore year of high school. Read more of this post

High Heels are not made for walking

I emailed my sister a picture of these platform heels I’ve been eye-loving. She said that it was too high for me. So I said I know, but they’re so cute. Then she sent me this You Tube video of a model falling on the runway along with this message “if she can’t pull it off, neither can you.” 

Damn she’s right … she’s always right.

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