Crazy Freaks Club

Whether you like to get tied up or tied down, spanked or you’re just plain vanilla and you like a cool stream of cream trickling down your back the Crazy Freaks Club is the place where we celebrate what turns us on in a respectful community of mature adults in celebration of sexual diversity.

To join send me a comment or an email and name three things that get your Freak on.

WARNING: EXXXtra lively language here … just saying’ …

Come closer and take a peek. You just might like what you see.


Founder: Lafemmeroar–Insatiable, lip biter, multi (use your imagination)

The Incog-Negro: BBC, GD, BDSM

PK Confessions

Kiwikar: Kinky, Dangerous, Not your cup of tea

Beider: Kinky, Read more than 20 sex books, Enjoys masturbating to weird porn when drunk

But That’s for Another Blog: Funny, Awkward, Whatthefuh

U.C.O.N. (Lotus Flower):  Mysterious, Unexpected, Gay Porn Fanatic

Voadn: Queer, Lip Biting, Kinky

Narcissists Blog: Hedonistic, Happy, Naughty

Sharvil: Cheating Italian Queens from 1500s, Red Head Maids, Having it with the bed

Running Naked with Scissors: Uninhibited, Wild, Willing

Richard-Yves Sitoski: Fet-tastic!, Kink-alicious!, Freak-tabulous!

Karen: Screamer, Audiences, Couples

The Obamacrat: A woman wearing high heels & pearls…nothing else, Oral anal play,  Cunnilingus

Operation Cougar: Men who love Nymphomaniacs

Join today.

60 Responses to Crazy Freaks Club

  1. The Incog-Negro says:

    Did I scare everyone away BEFORE it even got started? LMAO!

  2. preachersdaughter69 says:

    Sign me up! 🙂

  3. kiwikar says:

    Hmm three freaky words about me?

    1) kinky
    2) dangerous
    3) not your cup of tea

  4. Aurora says:

    Here’s three, can think of more if you need them, can’t wait to see yours, lol:
    – Gregarious
    – Opinionated
    – Sensual
    GOS for short LOL

  5. I want to join but I don’t know if I’m freaky enough… Although I did have a nearly naked man in one of my posts with the word castrated… Hhhmmmm something to think about.

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  7. beider says:

    Hmm so many things to pick from,

    1. Kinky
    2. Read more than 20 sex books
    3. Enjoys masturbating to weird porn when drunk

    PS. Could you change the name of the link from “The Dark Horse Guide to Practical Happiness” to just “Beider”. Since it is a combined blog with multiple people it feels wrong to include them in my freakishness 🙂

  8. Lotus Flower says:

    You know I need to join this crew! LOL
    Three words that describe my sexual ways:
    1. Mysterious
    2. Unexpected
    3. Gay Porn fanatic.
    Stare into my MUG! lol

  9. Lotus Flower says:

    I like your “Insatiable” word… ever heard the song Insatiable by Prince? yum

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  16. trjensen says:

    Hedonistic, Happy, Naughty

  17. Sharvil says:

    Cheating Italian Queens from 1500s;
    Red Head Maids;
    Having it with the bed. 😉 [doing that over and over again now gave me the habit of getting horny whenever i sleep on a bed..]

    Its weird I haven’t told anyone about this.
    true fact? I thought for 15 mins and stared at this comment for 15 mins before posting it. I guess it is because I am 17?

  18. Well I found my way back here navigating on my phone. So the right and proper is of course….join. So…without further ado or pause to comment on the right and proper and me together, here it is;
    I have alternates…a whole freaky list lol….
    well above the age of consent, hippie….. Oh ill stop. So….am I in??

    • Lafemmeroar says:

      Welcome to the club! 🙂 Now time for you to get freaky … 🙂

      • Um well ok. If you insist. I’m not one to be difficult. I can get down with the freakiest….and if not at least I sound confident. I’m feelin the bout a badge? Or a…leather um….

        Do we have a theme song? Feeling like doin a freaky dance ….

        Pull my hair and call me Mary!

        • Lafemmeroar says:

          I’m working on a badge for this club and the BAD Club 🙂 We could use a club song for sure 🙂 Choose one 🙂

          • Let.s see….. Lady Gaga who is such a freak herself has a song called “I Like it Rough”
            i think I will give it some morw thought….maybe come back.with 2 other options. I.’m quite sure if I.put my.freaky and crazy chick.skills together I can rock.this task… And then either you pick or we vote….if its like that lol… Yay how fun!!

  19. Ok….i will have 3….no.later than tomorrow morning. I was looking for something right at the edge of my memory…that would be perfect…. This is more responsibility than they normally givr me… Ok im on it.

  20. Richard-Yves Sitoski says:

    I’m nothing less than ….


    Awwwwwww, yeah, baby…! I’m so smooth, when I masturbate my hand is grateful….

  21. Richard-Yves Sitoski says:

    Heh heh heh, heh heh heh …..
    ⇧ (Perv laff — the only laff I haz….)

  22. Lady Gaga – I like it Rough Madcon – Freaky Like Me Blake Lewis – Freak

  23. Jueseppi B. says:

    I’m interested in joining this club…Crazy Freaks, sounds like the gathering around my dinning room table at Thanksgiving. Sign me up….one question, do we get a badge for our blog site like the Crazy Chicks Club??

    Three things that get my freak on….1). A woman wearing high heels & pearls…nothing else. 2). Oral anal play. Something about my tongue up a sexy woman’s ass. 3). Cunnilingus. Nothing is more erotic than a pussy in my mouth. You asked.

  24. Men who love Nymphomaniacs, Pin me down anytime anywhere & Groping

  25. Is Incog-Negro still around? Haven’t heard/read that name in a long time hun.

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