The Crying Adulterer

I once knew this man, a good family friend and a known philanderer, who compartmentalized his life so successfully that despite his “sextracurricular” activities, his marriage remained peaceful. There were no rumors of problems or fights and when I saw him with his wife they always seemed very content. And when I saw him with his mistress du jour, he seemed very content.

For their 25th anniversary, the couple decided to renew their vows. The philanderer cried when he recited his pledges of loyalty, devotion and love. He became so emotional that he had to stop numerous times to wipe away the tears. Was this an act? Could an insurance salesman easily summon up such waterworks? I looked around for reactions. Some were touched and some were surprised. I was confused. Read more of this post

Infidelity and the Terminator


Men from the powerful and poor to the intelligent and idiotic cheat and get caught. News pundits have been “blabbering” (and now it’s my turn) about the S & S (Schwarzenegger and Shriver) split and eminent divorce. Perhaps some are even lamenting on the end of this seemingly successful marriage between a Republican and Democrat that lasted 25 years. Read more of this post
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