Pooper Scooper and the Hazards of Walking

This one is an oldie, but still a goodie for a laugh … even if it’s at my own stinky expense!

When I can talk myself into it, I put on my iPod and blast Springsteen and Tom Petty for the next two and a half miles while I speed walk on the horse trail in my neighborhood. I’ve never seen any horses, only people and pet owners who think the trail is a lavatory for their pets.  About a mile and a half into my walk, I saw a big clump of poop and I side-stepped to avoid it.  I twisted my ankle on a small hole in the ground and I fell face first. My face missed the other turd ahead but my hands landed splat on them. Read more of this post

A Crazy Chick’s Best Friend

When a man acts like a DOG! The best solution is to

have his own kind turn on him …

Dog bites man

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Crazy Chicks Club Needs Your Help

Help choose our official Crazy Chicks Club Mascot.

Vote for your favorite pet pic today and help us decide which crazy, cute and cuddly pet will get its mug shot on the CCC page.

Five awesome bloggers Read more of this post

Attention Bloggers and Pet Lovers the Crazy Chicks Club Needs a Mascot …

When I created the Crazy Chicks Club on June 4, 2011 as a community page on this blog, I had no idea of the fun and buzz it would create. So far, we have 27 awesome, crazy members. The wonderful CCs have connected and we have created a nurturing online community of empowered and diverse individuals. We’re having a blast sharing, visiting each other’s blogs, and developing friendships and followers.

We have an official song and now it’s time for an official mascot. Read more of this post

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