Chaka Khan Woman of the Week

Image via IMDB

I remember the days of Aqua Net, short skirts, and clubbing until 3am. It was a time when thoughts about the future were just a footnote in my to-do list. And when “Ain’t Nobody” by Rufus & Chaka Khan played I was out there shaking my ass. I was in the mode. I felt elevated. Music has a way of taking you to a different universe. Good times.

So, when I found out that Chaka Khan will be receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today I dug into my closet.  And there it was old Rufus tapes and Chaka herself inside in a shoe box. I grabbed my little pink boom box, blew out the dust and popped in “Tell Me Something Good.” I popped in another and there was “I Feel for You” and another and an old romantic favorite crooned “Through the Fire.”

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