Winner of the Crazy Chicks Club Mascot Contest

Congratulations to Odie for winning the CCC Mascot Contest. Read more of this post

Announcing the Crazy Chicks Club

Great things can happen in the process of commenting on blog posts. Stories are told, ideas are shared and once in a while something fun and hopefully great can happen. My recent blog post titled Meditation schmeditation: I know a better way to relax received some interesting comments and I mentioned in a reply that writing required a bit of insanity. My fellow blogger Shonnie agreed with that comment and her reply inspired me to create a new page on my blog titled the Crazy Chicks Club (CCC).

The writing process can be difficult and it does require a bit of insanity to get those words out of our minds and into the blogosphere. If you’re a blogger and a bit insane in a good way, then the CCC is there for you. It’s a place for you to rant, share, and connect with other CCC bloggers. Let me know that you want to join and my plan is to add your icon in the page with a link to your site.

To tell you the truth I don’t know if this idea will work. I don’t know if anyone will join. But I do know that ideas start small and they have a way of evolving into something really amazing. So dear readers (those who have liked, commented and subscribed and to those lurking about), I hope this sparks the insanity inside you and I hope to see you at the CCC.

Insanely yours,


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