Kids are sweet when they lie

I asked my 12-year-old nephew if he will still let me kiss him and pinch his cheeks when he’s 30. He gave me a WTF look, but he nodded his head and said yes. What man, at the prime of life would want an old crazy chick pinching his cheeks in front of a “chickadee”? But he couldn’t hurt my feelings. Kids are so sweet when they lie …

In trying to get my niece and nephew to eat more vegetables, I gave them a tall glass of spinach and parsley smoothie. When I asked them if it was good, they both chimed in and said “it’s really good Auntie Lafemme” even though they both looked like they were about to HURL. But they Read more of this post

Crazy Chicks on You Tube

Spastic women caught on camera … just say ouch.

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Kirstie Alley Woman of the Week

She’s been through hell on the tabloids and now she’s dancing her way back into our hearts and yes our funny bone in “Dancing with the Stars.” From skinny to beautifully blimpy, Kirstie Alley has been through the gamut of weight loss and weight gain. I love her in any shape, size and form. Her performance in “Dancing with the Stars” is so entertaining. I love the way she glides on the dance floor with just the right kind of attitude. I cheer her on every week.

Here’s to you Ms. Alley for being just who you are as we all should be.

Watch Kirstie Alley in Dancing with the Stars on ABC:

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