Rhyme and Reason of Divorce

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Let us make a pact and call it quits

These last days of turmoil has sent me into fits

With screaming and crying and stomping my feet

It’s no wonder that I’ve stayed up nights without any sleep

While you map out a life exciting and new

I am burdened with the past and happy memories are few

BUT WHEN you made the mistake of straying from me

Your betrayal comes with a hefty fee Read more of this post

Trash Talk in Relationships

The Courting Phase:

Setting: Her apartment.

Time: The first date.

Him: Wow. You look great.

Her: Thanks. Give me a sec. I just need to throw out the trash then we can go.

Him: I’ll do that.

Her: Really? Are you sure?

Him: I don’t mind.

Her: How sweet.

Him: Anytime.

The Relationship Phase: Read more of this post

Infidelity and the Terminator


Men from the powerful and poor to the intelligent and idiotic cheat and get caught. News pundits have been “blabbering” (and now it’s my turn) about the S & S (Schwarzenegger and Shriver) split and eminent divorce. Perhaps some are even lamenting on the end of this seemingly successful marriage between a Republican and Democrat that lasted 25 years. Read more of this post

Single and Hating It?

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