Signs that you grew up in a dysfunctional home

Hello Dear Readers,

We’re all a little crazy because many of us grew up in less than stellar homes. So, I thought I’d make this list for you. If you answer yes to at least five things on this list, then you belong to that oh so special group of people who survived the hell that was their childhood.

  1. When you asked for permission, your father said “go ask your mother” and when you did she said “go ask your father.” And when you asked them together, they whacked you on the head for bothering them.

  2. Alcohol was a staple item at mealtimes like dinner rolls.

  3. Your parents spiked their coffee.

  4. Your parents spiked your milk bottle.

  5. You learned how to lie at a very young age–beats a beating!

  6. When other kids drew sunshine and flowers next to their parents, you drew skull and bones.

  7. You call your boyfriend “Big Daddy.”

  8. Your parents told you the world is shit and you took it literally until you realized it was a metaphor.

  9. You thought “boundaries” meant locking yourself in a room to fantasize about an “alternate reality.”

  10. You thought all mothers ran around the house screaming what her life would have been like if she never met your father.

  11. You thought “Bitch” meant “Mom.”

  12. And “Motherf&#*%#” meant “Dad.”

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My Favorite TV Dads

My dad, in his humanity, is a flawed man. But he is the only man who has never let me down and he is the only man who I’ve ever truly trusted.

Now let’s get on with the show. In honor of Father’s Day here are clips of my favorite TV dads. Dear readers, I urge you not to miss the last video as it is one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen.

I watched “The Andy Griffith Show” every day as a kid and I especially loved the relationship between Andy and his son Opie.  Watch and see if you can identify the little boy in this scene.

Watch this clip of “The Cosby Show” as Heathcliff Huxtable tries to get his daughter Rudy to eat her veggies.  Read more of this post

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