My Favorite Movie Moments

During the “be kind rewind” days of the 80s and 90s I had to press rewind and hope that I stopped the video at the right time to replay my favorite movie scene (what a pain). DVD made it easier because all I had to do was skip to a scene. Today, I just do a keyword search on You Tube and voilà … here are some of my favorite movie moments.

When “A Christmas Story” came out who knew that it would become a cult classic. This scene is one of the reasons why:

Today, we’re used to seeing the flying acrobatics made famous in Hong Kong cinema, but when I first saw this scene I thought I want to do that (in my dreams of course). The fight scene in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” shows how two bad ass chicks can kick some bootie. Director Ang Lee is a master! And Michelle Yeoh freakin’ ROCKS.

Loved the series. I didn’t care for the movie except for his karaoke scene from “Sex and the City 2.”


I am Lafemme … hear me … Roar.

Happy Memorial Day everyone

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