Real or Fake?

Technology has the power to alter our appearance. And we’ve all seen “those” addicted to “technology.” They look one way today and another the next … and we’re thinking “is that you?” Or you say to yourself “that alien looks awfully familiar.” But if someone wants to enhance their looks … I say MORE POWER TO YOU CHICK! We have the right to augment whatever we want for these modern times gives us the power to be and to look however we want to look. And if a smaller nose or bigger breasts can make us smile when we look in the mirror why not? Now, if some of you are wondering if “my girls” are au natural … the answer is I’m too poor and too much of a chicken to ever go under the knife. 

happy hour

Real or not … pink haired chick

is having lots more fun. 

Maybe these chicks need to dye their

hair pink as well?

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Crazy Chick Club Updates and New Poll

Hi Crazy Chicks,

I want to thank all the Crazy Chicks who have made this club so remarkable.  In just a few months, the club has grown and friendships have grown. We have a group where members support and celebrate diversity, creativity and each other’s quirkiness (we are crazy after all). Now that’s what social networking is all about!

Here’s an update of the Crazy Chicks Club: Read more of this post

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