Schlong Sausage Recipe

I once got a Protest Letter from a Blog Reader saying that I had better stop blogging about schlongs and revenge because it ruined his relationship and caused him to be homeless. He said that my blog was detrimental to his well-being (or something like that). So I invited him to come stay with me as a prisoner guest. Then I promised readers that I would let them know what happened to him.

If you read the post, then you’d know that I also mentioned a Spicy Schlong Sausage Recipe in there somewhere. It’s been almost a year since that post, but I have not yet made the Spicy Schlong Sausage for the following reasons: Read more of this post

Conversations with a Schlong

Schlong: Hey Lafemme. You talk about schlongs so much I think you have penis envy.

Lafemme: Neh, you’re the one who should have penis envy.

Schlong: Why is that?

Lafemme: I heard that your schlong is the size of an engorged clitoris! Read more of this post

Ultimate Compost Recipe– The Growing Powers of Crap

Are you a gardener with a black thumb? What you need is some good quality crap for your dirt.

But why waste your dough buying fertilizer when you can make your own? My “Ferti-Liar” compost recipe will transform even the most barren soil into rich fertile ground.

Wikimedia Commons — Mariegriffiths at en.wikipedia


“Ferti-Liar” Compost Recipe

♦ 1 really big container

♦ a hell of a lot of garden debris (dry leaves, small bark , grass clippings and etc)

♦ food trash (egg shells, rinds and peels, and coffee grounds)

   and for the secret ingredient Read more of this post


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