Lafemmeroarism #6–Unforgettable Goodbye Gift

When he’s been lying, cheating and is now leaving.


Give him a proper goodbye gift. Read more of this post

Screwing with Words

Time for some silliness 

What do you call a …

tween with a sweet tooth? Hyper-texter

♦ prisoner of love? Unhappy spouse

♦ man with a harem? Viagra King

♦ needy person who nags? Clinging whiner

♦ person with no manners? Social retard

♦ horny drunk chick? Read more of this post

Don’t Crap Your Life Away–Lafemmeroarism #5

When life gives you crap Read more of this post

Tit for Tat in the Bedroom–Lafemmeroarism #4

We are all created equal.

So when he wants to get kinky:   Read more of this post

Hating Your Job–Lafemmeroarism #2

You know you hate your job when you’d rather be in HELL than sit behind your desk.

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