Hilarity cures my moody blues: Warning–second video might not be fit for delicate ears

After two days of unbridled eating that started with the buffet brunch on Father’s day, I struggled to get into my GAP jeans this morning and just when I thought I’d be able to close it, the zipper broke. Then while in line at the dry cleaners, an old lady chastised me for using the F-word while talking on my cell phone. I wasn’t talking very loud and what in the heck was she doing snooping in on my conversation anyway? To top it off the cleaners couldn’t get the red stain out of my silk blouse. Guess where the red stain is? Yup, right where my nips would be. If I wore that blouse on a cold day, I’d be red beaming. Sometimes, life’s little nuisances give me the moody blues. So, I clicked on my list of bookmarked You Tube videos for a chuckle or two to brighten my mood:

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Kirstie Alley Woman of the Week

She’s been through hell on the tabloids and now she’s dancing her way back into our hearts and yes our funny bone in “Dancing with the Stars.” From skinny to beautifully blimpy, Kirstie Alley has been through the gamut of weight loss and weight gain. I love her in any shape, size and form. Her performance in “Dancing with the Stars” is so entertaining. I love the way she glides on the dance floor with just the right kind of attitude. I cheer her on every week.

Here’s to you Ms. Alley for being just who you are as we all should be.

Watch Kirstie Alley in Dancing with the Stars on ABC:

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