Unconscious Eating

Have you ever wolfed down a double bacon cheeseburger with fries and washed it down with a shake then said to yourself “What did I just do”?

Ever looked at a chocolate cake and said NO, but helped yourself to 3 slices anyway, then felt guilty after eating the last bite?

Ever sat in front of the television with the munchies then felt sick at the realization that you’ve just eaten a pound of Doritos just 15 minutes into the movie?

Ever said to yourself “This is the first day of my diet” only to procrastinate it and realize that the “first day” was supposed to be three weeks ago?

Has a pint of ice cream “demonized” you at the grocery store, then realize that while that creamy goodness is like heaven on your lips it’s hell on your hips?

Ever ordered a large double cheese pizza with everything on it and ate the whole pie all by your lonesome?

Ever had a hunger level of 1, but ate like you had a hunger level of 10, then looked at the scale and said to yourself where did those extra 10 pounds come from?

If you answered YES (I know I have) to any of the above, then you suffer from Read more of this post

Weight Loss Revelations

Wikimedia Commons--Circus Divas Illustrations Gallery--

I’ve had an ongoing battle with food

since I was old enough to chew. I love

to eat and portion control is Latin to

me. Before I turned 40 I could eat

anything and I continued to win the

battle. Lately, my losses“have gained,”

but I don’t want to lose the war.

My weight loss revelation came when I said this to myself ...


You know you need to lose weight when:

Your muffin top has become a soufflé that won’t deflate

Your fat pants have become your skinny pants

Jabba the Hutt looks like a size medium compared to you

Your undies Read more of this post

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