Falling in Love

with every word you said

that never lived up to its meaning

I’ll fall in love

with every promise you made

that turned out empty

I’ll fall in love

with each cunning praise Read more of this post

Hold my Hand–A Poem

Hold my hand and be my love

Together we travel toward long yearned happiness

Where days and nights filled “with us” are the only matters

Making our waiting worth the restless uncertainty 


Hold my hand and let us forget past mistakes

Together we heal the wounds of our Read more of this post

Orange and Purple Love

Cinful Cinnamon challenged me to write a poem using the words Orange and Purple. So here goes:

Love may remain undefined and nebulous

But persistent are the curious

Of love’s scents and pleasures

Enjoyed and suffered by creatures

Looking for their perfect mate

Ignoring the debate


When love is good

We feel the warmth of orange sunsets Read more of this post

The Writing Life

Wikimedia Commons–PD-Art

Writing is like a sadomasochistic relationship with myself. It is excruciating and orgasmic. I write because I never thought I could do it and I’m trying to attain my potential through words and ideas that I hope will bring joy to someone who stumbles upon my nook in this digital world. Read more of this post

Redemption (A poem)


Forgive me my love

For I have sinned

Your patience is steadfast

Compared to my weakened grasp

Your strength I rely on

For I am wanton Read more of this post

Inside Out–a Poem

Inside Out

A wizened old lady

Once looked at me

And proceeded to say

What my frivolous

Youth could not see

Read more of this post

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