The Blatant Truth

She might look calm, but think again!

What's in a Woman's Mind

Do you believe in equal rights for women? This one believes in “tit for tat.” Read more of this post

Winter Sex Tips

When the weather is nipple pinching and schlong shrinking cold, here are some tips for heating things up in the boudoir.

A pair of Uggs make sexy fashion sense. Imagine your toasty feet dangling up in the air in a pair of these.

When he wants to blow sweet nothings in your ear tell him to put the blow of the heater down your way instead. There’s nothing like a gush of warm air to rev up your girly parts.

If you’re into BDSM switch the handcuffs for a warm pair of furrycuffs.

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Crazy Freaks Club Official Theme Song

The Crazy Freaks Club needs an official theme song and our member Lizzie Cracked of Running Naked with Scissors blog showed her awesome freakiness by suggesting these three videos.

Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite vid and make it OFFICIAL! Read more of this post

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