Honesty is the New Policy

New customer service approach

has online shoppers reeling with anger.

Seems like the new honesty rule

isn’t sitting in too well with online shoppers

who want to return damaged merchandise.

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The Horny Pooch and My Wardrobe Malfunction

It’s not exactly skirt and sandal season, but I was going through some old posts and realized that this is a perfect example of a crazy chick moment when laughing at the malfunction of the universe is absolutely better than crying about it. Enjoy! 🙂

The hot weather prompted me to digress from wearing pants to wearing a skirt and a blouse. Since I’m rather “full” on top I used a safety pin to close the peek-a-boo see my bra gap. I was all intact and ready to Read more of this post

Shopping for a Man

A conversation with a friend about men gave me a new perspective about my single and never been wed-locked status.

BFF: We need to look for a man the way we shop for purses.

Lafemme: You mean find one on sale?

BFF: Yes. We need to find a good bargain but instead of looking for leather we need to look for good schlongs (she got that term from me).

The idea did make a lot of sense. After all I’m a great shopper. And if I were to apply my bargain shopping skills to schlong man shopping  I just might hit the jackpot! Is it possible? Could this be my year of finding “The Perfect Schlong” Mr. Right? After all “Sale” doesn’t mean damaged:

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Five Money Saving Tips This Holiday Season

In today’s economizing times you need to keep your money in the bank. But Christmas isn’t conducive to tightening your purse strings. So, here are a few tips on ways to avoid spending on others without looking like a tightwad: Read more of this post

Holiday Gift Ideas: Taser Gun for Parents

Imagine a cherubic face smiling at you or little feet running on a meadow of flowers. They’re always clean, they’re always smiling and playing with such delight.That’s what you see on post cards. This is Fantasy Kid.

There’s another type of child. The kind that cries, the kind with dirty hands and mouth … the kind with wet and stinky tushies.

This kid has pirated the single and free lifestyle. They won’t eat when they should, they wake up when they shouldn’t, and they break things. They can be unruly especially in public places.  This is the Real Kid

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Why I love IKEA

Wikimedia Commons

It’s BIG–Who needs a gym membership when I can speed walk throughout the store.

Wikimedia Commons

CHEAP EATS Read more of this post

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