How to Remain Sane in the Workplace

Work is a necessary evil that must be endured.

So is what some do to stay sane.


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Privacy and My Private Parts

I recently read a post by Kdaddy23 titled “Whoa … Creepy is Okay Now?” inspired by an article on MSNBC titled “How Facebook Makes Creepy Behavior Normal.” The MSNBC article talks about the issue of social surveillance, the behavior of Facebook users to stalk and be stalked and how this has become the norm. The article likens social surveillance to that of a panopticon prison in which the guards are positioned on top of a tower with a 360 degree view of the prisoners. I was first introduced to the term “panopticon” years ago when I read Michel Foucault’s book “Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison.” The book examines the dynamics of the prison system and how this transcends into the power dynamics of institutions wherein the watcher has the power over the watched. (Now this is a general synopsis because I don’t want to get too Read more of this post

Don’t Talk Smack About My Mac

My friend called me the other day and asked if I wanted to have dinner with him. He sounded stressed and when I asked him about it he said that his laptop was O.O.O. (out-of-order). What’s wrong with it I asked. Caught a virus and other issues; it’s time for a new one he said. I asked him how long he’d had his laptop and he said two years. I’ve had my Mac for six years I said. You still working with that thirteen incher he asked. Yeah I said. Macs suck he said. Why I asked. So he gave a slew of Read more of this post

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